Medal breakdown (2 events): Two medals— Germany (1-0-1); One— Canada (1-0-0), Italy (0-1-0), Switzerland (0-1-0), France (0-0-1) and Great Britain (0-0-1).


1Italy I3:37.24
1Canada I3:37.24
3Germany I3:37.89
ITA I— Guenther Huber & Antonio Tartaglia; CAN I— Pierre Fritz Lueders & David G. MacEachern; GER I— Christoph Langen & Markus Zimmermann.
Top 10 USA: 7th, USA II— James Herberich & Robert Olesen (3:38.53).


1Germany II2:39.41
2Switzerland I2:40.01
3Great Britain I2:40.06
3France I2:40.06
GER II— Christoph Langen, Markus Zimmermann, Marco Jakobs, Olaf Hampel; SWI I— Marcel Rohner, Markus Nuessli, Markus Wasser, Beat Seitz; GBR— Sean Olsson Dean Martin Ward, Courtney Orville Rumbolt, Paul Jason Attwood; FRA I— Bruno Mingeon, Emmanuel Hostache, Eric Le Chanony, Max Robert.
Top 10 USA: 5th, USA I— Brian Shimer, Nathan Minton, Randy Jones, Garreth Hines (2:40.08).
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