Nordic Combined

Three jumps off normal hill (best two count) followed the next day by a 15-km cross-country race. The cross-country starting order determined by finish in ski jump. The times shown are adjusted to include the competitors' staggered start time.

Medal breakdown (2 events): Two medals— Norway (2-0-0) and Finland (0-2-0); One— France (0-0-1) and Russia (0-0-1).


1Bjarte Engen Vik, NOR41:21.1
2Samppa Lajunen, FIN41:48.6
3Balerij Stoljarov, RUS41:49.3
Best USA: 20th, Todd Lodwick (44.57.4)


USA entry: 10th, John Jarrett, Tim Tetreault, Bill Demong, Todd Lodwick (55:53.6).
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