1998 Olympics: Freestyle Skiing

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Aerials consist of two jumps with points awarded for execution and precision (50%), height and distance (20%) and landing (30%). Moguls consist of turns executed on a bumpy course (50%), two aerials (25%) and elapsed time (25%).

Medal breakdown (4 events): Three medals— United States (3-0-0); Two— Finland (0-1-1); One— Japan (1-0-0), China (0-1-0), France (0-1-0), Germany (0-1-0), Belarus (0-0-1), Norway (0-0-1) and Switzerland (0-0-1).



1Eric Bergoust, USA255.64
2Sebastien Foucras, FRA248.79
3Dmitri Dashchinsky, BLR240.79
Top 10 USA: 5th, Britt Swartley (231.6).


1Jonny Moseley, USA26.93
2Janne Lahtela, FIN26.00
3Sami Mustonen, FIN25.76
Top 10 USA: 10th, Alexander Wilson (24.68).



1Nikki Stone, USA193.00
2Nannan Xu, CHN186.97
3Colette Brand, SWI171.83
Best USA: No other Americans qualified for the final.


1Tae Satoya, JPN25.06
2Tatjana Mittermayer, GER24.62
3Kari Traa, NOR24.09
Top 10 USA: 4th, Donna Weinbrecht (24.02); 8th, Elizabeth McIntyre (23.72); 10th, Ann Battelle (23.65).
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