Cross-Country Skiing

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There are two techniques in cross-country: classical (diagonal stride) and freestyle (skating style). The Freestyle Pursuit consists of a classical race (10 km for men, 5 km for women) followed the next day by a freestyle race (15 km for men, 10 km for women). The starting order in the Freestyle Pursuit is determined by the finish of the classical leg. Relays consist of two classical and two freestyle legs.

Medal breakdown (10 events): Nine medals— Norway (4-3-2); Eight— Russia (5-2-1); Four— Italy (0-2-2); Three— Finland (1-0-2); Two— Austria (0-1-1) and Czech Republic (0-1-1); One— Sweden (0-1-0) and Kazakhstan (0-0-1).


10–km Classical

1Bjorn Dählie, NOR27:24.5
2Markus Gandler, AUT27:32.5
3Mika Myllylae, FIN27:40.1
Best USA: 41st, John Bauer (29:58.4); 43rd, Patrick Weaver (30:04.4).

15–km Freestyle Pursuit

1Thomas Alsgaard, NOR1:07:01.7
2Bjorn Dählie, NOR1:07:02.8
3Vladimir Smirnov, KAZ1:07:31.5
Best USA: 40th, Patrick Weaver (1:12:31.1).

30–km Classical

1Mika Myllylae, FIN1:33:55.8
2Erling Jevne, NOR1:35:27.1
3Silvio Fauner, ITA1:36:08.5
Best USA: 37th, Justin Wadsworth (1:42:21.1).

50–km Freestyle

1Bjorn Dählie, NOR2:05:08.2
2Niklas Jonsson, SWE2:05:16.3
3Christian Hoffmann, AUT2:06:01.8
Best USA: 35th, Marcus Nash (2:17:37.8).

4 x 10–km Mixed Relay

NOR— Sture Sivertsen, Erling Jevne, Bjorn Dählie, Thomas Alsgaard; ITA— Marco Albarello, Fulvio Valbusa, Fabio Maj, Silvio Fauner; FIN— Harri Kirvesniemi, Mika Myllylae, Sami Repo, Jari Isometsae.
USA entry: 17th; Marcus Nash, John Bauer, Patrick Weaver, Justin Wadsworth (1:48:16.4).


5–km Classical

1Larissa Lazutina, RUS17:37.9
2Katerina Neumannova, CZE17:42.7
3Bente Martinsen, NOR17:49.4
Best USA: 51st, Kerrin Petty (1:58.7).

10–km Freestyle Pursuit

1Larissa Lazutina, RUS46:06.9
2Olga Danilova, RUS46:13.4
3Katerina Neumannova, CZE46:14.2
Best USA: 52nd, Kerrin Petty (51:49.2).

15–km Classical

1Olga Danilova, RUS46:55.4
2Larissa Lazutina, RUS47:01.0
3Anita Moen-Guidon, NOR47:52.6
Best USA: 47th, Kerrin Petty (52:45.3); 48th, Suzanne King (52:58.9).

30–km Freestyle

1Julija Tchepalova, RUS1:22:01.5
2Stefania Belmondo, ITA1:22:11.7
3Larissa Lazutina, RUS1:23:15.7
Best USA: 36th, Laura Wilson (1:33:10.6).

4 x 5 Mixed Relay

RUS— Nina Gavryliouk, Olga Danilova, Elena Valbe, Larissa Lazutina; NOR— Bente Martinsen, Marit Mikkelsplass, Elin Nilsen, Anita Moen-Guidon; ITA— Karin Moroder, Gabriella Paruzzi, Manuela Di Centa, Stefania Belmondo.
USA entry: 15th; Kerrin Petty, Suzanne King, Laura McCabe, Laura Wilson (1:00:51.2).
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