2002 Olympics: Short Track Speed Skating

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The short track oval is 111 meters (364 feet). Distance (laps): 500m (41/2); 1,000m (9); 1,500m (131/2); 3,000m (27); 5,000m (45).

Medal breakdown (8 events): Seven medals—China (2-2-3); Six—Canada (2-1-3); Four—South Korea (2-2-0); Three—United States (1-1-1); Two—Bulgaria (0-1-1); One—Australia (1-0-0) and Italy (0-1-0).


500 meters

1Marc Gagnon, CAN41.802OR
2Jonathan Guilmette, CAN41.994 
3Rusty Smith, USA42.027 

1000 meters

1Steven Bradbury, AUS1:29.109 
2Apolo Anton Ohno, USA1:30.160 
3Mathieu Turcotte, CAN1:30.563 
Note: Turcotte's time of 1:27.185 in a quarterfinal heat established a new Olympic record.

1500 meters

1Apolo Anton Ohno, USA*2:18.541 
2Li Jiajun, CHN2:18.731 
3Marc Gagnon, CAN2:18.806 
*Ohno finished second to Kim Dong-Sung, of South Korea, in the final, but was awarded the gold medal by chief referee James Hewish, who adjudged that Kim was guilty of cross-tracking, or interfering, with Ohno's path.
Note: Kim registered a time of 2:15.942 in a semifinal heat, establishing a new Olympic record.

5000–m Relay

Note: Canada's time of 6:45.455 in a semifinal heat established a new Olympic record.
Best USA: 4th, United States (7:03.926).
CAN—Marc Gagnon, Jonathan Guilmette, Francois-Louis Tremblay, Mathieu Turcotte; ITA—Maurizio Carnino, Fabio Carta, Nicola Franceschina, Nicola Rodigari; CHN—Feng Kai, Guo Wei, Li Jiajun, Li Ye.


500 meters

1Yang Yang (A), CHN44.187 
2Evgenia Radanova, BUL44.252 
3Wang Chunlu, CHN44.272 
Note: Yang's time of 44.118 seconds in a semifinal heat established a new Olympic record.
Best USA: 5th, Caroline Hallisey (44.679).

1000 meters

1Yang Yang (A), CHN1:36.391 
2Ko Gi-Hyun, S. Kor1:36.427 
3Yang Yang (S), CHN1:37.008 
Note: Yang (A)'s time of 1:31.235 seconds in a quarterfinal heat established a new Olympic record.
Best USA: No American qualified for the final.

1500 meters

1Ko Gi-Hyun, S. Kor2:31.581 
2Choi Eun-Kyung, S. Kor2:31.610 
3Evgenia Radanova, BUL2:31.723 
Note: Choi's time of 2:21.069 in a semifinal heat established a new world record.
Best USA: No Americans qualified for the final.

3000–m Relay

1South Korea4:12.793WR
Best USA: No American team qualified for the final.
S. Kor—Choi Eun-Kyung, Choi Min-Kyung, Joo Min-Jin, Park Hye-Won; CHN—Sun Dandan, Wang Chunlu, Yang Yang (A), Yang Yang (S); CAN—Isabelle Charest, Marie-Eve Drolet, Ameilie Goulet-Nadon, Alanna Kraus.
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