1900 Olympics

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The success of the revived Olympics moved Greece to declare itself the rightful host of all future Games, but de Coubertin and the International Olympic Committee were determined to move the athletic feast around. In France, however, the Games were overshadowed by the brand new Eiffel Tower and all but ignored by the organizers of the 1900 Paris Exposition.

Despite their sideshow status, the Games attracted 1,225 athletes from 26 nations and enjoyed more publicity, if not bigger crowds, than in Athens.

University of Pennsylvania roommates Alvin Kraenzlein, Irving Baxter and John Tewksbury and Purdue grad Ray Ewry dominated the 23 track and field events, winning 11 and taking five seconds and a third. Kraenzlein remains the only track and fielder to win four individual titles in one year. Women were invited to compete for the first time and Britain's Charlotte Cooper won the singles and mixed doubles in tennis.

No gold medals were given out in Paris. Winners received silver medals with bronze for second place.

Top 10 Standings

National team medal standings are not recognized by the IOC. The unofficial point totals are based on 3 points for a gold medal, 2 for a silver and 1 for a bronze.

  Gold Silver Bronze Total Pts
1 France 26 37 32 95 184
2 USA 18 14 15 47 97
3 Great Britain 16 6 8 30 68
4 Belgium 6 5 5 16 33
5 Switzerland 6 1 1 8 21
6 Germany 3 2 2 7 15
7 Denmark 1 3 2 6 11
 Hungary 1 3 2 6 11
9 Australia 2 0 4 6 10
 Holland 1 2 3 6 10

Leading Medal Winners

Number of individual medals won on the left; gold, silver and bronze breakdown to the right.


No  Sport G-S-B
5 Irving Baxter, USA Track/Field 2-3-0
5 John W. Tewksbury, USA Track/Field 2-2-1
4 Alvin Kraenzlein, USA Track/Field 4-0-0
4 Konrad Stäheli, SWI Shooting 3-0-1
4 Achille Paroche, FRA Shooting 1-2-1
4 Stan Rowley, AUS Track/Field 1-0-3
4 Ole Östmo, NOR Shooting 0-2-2
3 Ray Ewry, USA Track/Field 3-0-0
3 Charles Bennett, AUS Track/Field 2-1-0
3 Emil Kellenberger, SWI Shooting 2-1-0
3 Laurie Doherty, GBR Tennis 2-0-1
3 Reggie Doherty, GBR Tennis 2-0-1
3 E. Michelet, FRA Yachting 1-0-2
3 F. Michelet, FRA Yachting 1-0-2
3 Anders Nielsen, DEN Shooting 0-3-0
3 Zoltán Halmay, HUN Swimming 0-2-1
3 Léon Moreaux, FRA Shooting 0-2-1


No  Sport G-S-B
2 Charlotte Cooper, GBR Tennis 2-0-0
2 Marion Jones, USA Tennis 0-0-2

Track & Field

Event  Time  
  60m Alvin Kraenzlein, USA 7.0 WR
 John W. Tewksbury, USA7.1 
 Stanley Rowley, AUS7.2 
 100m Frank Jarvis, USA 11.0 OR
 John W. Tewksbury, USA11.1 
 Stanley Rowley, AUS11.2 
 200m John W. Tewksbury, USA 22.2  
 Norman Pritchard, IND22.8 
 Stanley Rowley, AUS22.9 
 400m Maxey Long, USA 49.4 OR
 William Holland, USA49.6 
 Ernst Schultz, DEN  
 800m Alfred Tysoe, GBR 2:01.2  
 John Cregan, USA2:03.0 
 David Hall, USA  
1500m Charles Bennett, GBR 4:06.2 WR
 Henri Deloge, FRA4:06.6 
 John Bray, USA4:07.2 
Marathon Michel Théato, FRA 2:59:45  
 Emile Champion, FRA3:04:17 
 Ernst Fast, SWE3:37:14 
110m H Alvin Kraenzlein, USA 15.4 OR
 John McLean, USA15.5 
 Fred Moloney, USA15.6 
200m H Alvin Kraenzlein, USA 25.4  
 Norman Pritchard, IND26.6 
 John W. Tewksbury, USA  
400m H John W. Tewksbury, USA 57.6  
 Henri Tauzin, FRA58.3 
 George Orton, CAN  
George Orton, CAN 7:34.4  
 Sidney Robinson, GBR7:38.0 
 Jacques Chastanié  
John Rimmer, GBR 12:58.4  
 Charles Bennett, GBR12:58.6 
 Sidney Robinson, GBR12:58.8 
GBR (Charles Bennett, John Rimmer,
Sidney Robinson, Alfred Tysoe,
Stanley Rowley)
26 pts  
 France29 pts 
Event Mark  
High Jump Irving Baxter, USA 6- 23/4 OR
 Patrick Leahy, GBR/IRE5- 10 
 Lajos Gönczy, HUN5- 83/4 
Pole Vault Irving Baxter, USA 10-10  
 Meredith Colkett, USA10- 73/4 
 Carl-Albert Andersen, NOR10- 53/4 
Long Jump Alvin Kraenzlein, USA 23- 63/4 OR
 Myer Prinstein, USA23- 61/4 
 Patrick Leahy, GBR/IRE22- 91/2 
Triple Jump Meyer Prinstein, USA 47- 53/4 OR
 James Connolly, USA45- 10 
 Lewis Sheldon, USA44- 9 
Shot Put Richard Sheldon, USA 46- 3 OR
 Josiah McCracken, USA42- 13/4 
 Robert Garrett, USA40- 7 
Discus Rudolf Bauer, HUN 118- 3 OR
 Frantisek Janda-Suk, BOH115- 71/2 
 Richard Sheldon, USA113- 6 
Hammer John Flanagan, USA 163- 1  
 Truxton Hare, USA161- 2 
 Josiah McCracken, USA139- 31/2 
Standing Mark  
High Jump Ray Ewry, USA 5- 5 WR
 Irving Baxter, USA5- 0 
 Lewis Sheldon, USA4- 11 
Long Jump Ray Ewry, USA 10- 61/4  
 Irving Baxter, USA10- 31/4 
 Emile Torcheboeuf, FRA9- 111/2 
Triple Jump Ray Ewry, USA 34- 81/2  
 Irving Baxter, USA32- 8 
 Robert Garrett, USA31- 2 


Event  Time
220yd Free Frederick Lane, AUS 2:25.2
 Zoltán Halmay, HUN2:31.4
 Karl Ruberl, AUT2:32.0
1000m Free John Jarvis, GBR 13:40.2
 Otto Wahle, AUT14:53.6
 Zoltán Halmay, HUN15:16.4
4000m Free John Jarvis, GBR 58:24.0
 Zoltán Halmay, HUN1:08:55.4
 Louis Martin, FRA1:13:08.4
200m Back Ernst Hoppenberg, GER 2:47.0
 Karl Ruberl, AUT2:56.0
 Johannes Drost, NED3:01.0
200m Team GER (Ernst Hoppenberg, Max
Hainle, Max Schone, Julius
Frey, Herbert von Petersdorff)
32 pts
 France51 pts
 France61 pts

Team Sports

Sport Champion
Cricket Great Britain
Polo Great Britain/USA
Rugby France
 Great Britain
Soccer Great Britain
Tug-of-War Sweden/Norway
 United States
Water Polo Great Britain
Note: In Polo, Foxhunters Hurlingham defeated Club Rugby in a contest of teams made up of British and American players. A combined 6-man team of Swedes and Norwegians won the Tug- of-War.


Event Other
Au cordon doré (50m)Henri Herouin, FRA31
 Hubert van Innis, BEL29
 Emile Fisseux, FRA28
Au chapelet (50m)Eugène Mougin, FRA 
 Henri Helle, FRA 
 Emile Mercier, FRA 
Au cordon doré (33m)Hubert van Innis, BEL 
 Victor Thibaud, FRA 
 Charles Petit, FRA 
Au chapelet (33m)Hubert van Innis, BEL 
 Victor Thibaud, FRA 
 Charles Petit, FRA 
Sur la perche à la herseEmmanuel Foulon, FRA 
 Pierre Serrurier, FRA 
 Emile Druart, BEL 
Sur la perche à la pyramideEmile Grumiaux, FRA 
 Louis Glineux, BEL 


Great Britain


2000m SprintGeorges Taillandier, FRA
 Fernand Sanz, FRA
 John Lake, USA


Event Time
Grand Prix (Jumping)Aimé Haegeman, BEL2:16.0
 Georges van de Poele, BEL2:17.6
 Pierre de Champsavin, FRA2:26.0
Equestrian High JumpDominique M. Gardères, FRA1.85
 Giangiorgio Trissino, ITA1.85
 André Moreau, FRA1.70
Equestrian Long JumpC. van Langhendonck, BEL6.10
 Giangiorgio Trissino, ITA5.70
 Henri de Prunelle, FRA5.30
† Equal first.


Individual FoilEmile Coste, FRA
 Henri Masson, FRA
 Jacques Boulenger, FRA
Foil for Fencing MastersLucien Mérignac
 Alphonse Kirchhoffer, FRA
 Jean-Baptiste Mimiague, FRA
Individual ÉpéeRamón Fonst, CUB
 Louis Perrée, FRA
 Léon Sée, FRA
Épée for Fencing MastersAlbert Ayat, FRA
 Emile Bougnol, FRA
 Henri Laurent, FRA
Épée for Amateurs and Fencing MastersAlbert Ayat, FRA
 Ramón Fonst, CUB
 Léon Sée, FRA
Individual SabreGeorges de la Falaise, FRA
 Léon Thiébaut, FRA
 Siegfried Flesch, AUT
Sabre for Fencing MastersAntonio Conte, ITA
 Italo Santelli, ITA
 Milan Neralic, AUT


Men's SinglesCharles Sands, USA167
 Walter Rutherford, GBR168
 David Robertson, GBR175
Women's SinglesMargaret Abbott, USA47
 Polly Whittier, SWI49
 Daria Pratt, USA55


Individual Combined ExercisesGustave Sandras, FRA302
 Noël Bas, FRA295
 Lucien Démanet, FRA293


Event Time
Single ScullsHenri Barrelet, FRA7:35.6
 André Gaudin, FRA7:41.6
 St. George Ashe, GBR8:15.6
Coxed PairsNetherlands7:34.2
 France I7:34.4
 France II7:57.2
Coxless FoursBelgium7:16.8
 France I7:23.8
 France II7:47.2
Coxed FoursFrance7:11.0
 France I7:18.0
2nd Final*Germany5:59.0
Coxed EightsUSA6:09.8


Event Other
Rapid-Fire PistolMaurice Larrouy, FRA58
 Léon Moreaux, FRA57
 Eugène Balme, FRA57
Free Pistol (50 m)Karl Röderer, SWI503
 Achille Paroche, FRA466
 Konrad Stäheli, SWI453
Olympic Trap ShootingRoger de Barbarin, FRA17
 René Guyot, FRA17
 Justinien de Clary, FRA17
Running Game TargetLouis Debray, FRA20
 Pierre Nivet, FRA20
 Comte de Lambert, FRA19
Live Pigeon ShootingLéon de Lunden, BEL21
 Maurice Faure, FRA20
 Donald Macintosh, AUS18
 Crittenden Robinson, GBR18
Military RifleEmil Kellenberger, SWI930
 Anders Nielsen, DEN921
 Ole Östmo, NOR917
 Paul van Asbroeck, BEL917
Military Rifle—Three Positions
StandingLars Madsen, DEN305
 Ole Östmo, NOR299
 Charles du Verger, BEL298
KneelingKonrad Stäheli, SWI324
 Emil Kellenberger, SWI314
 Anders Nielsen, DEN314
ProneAchille Paroche, FRA332
 Anders Nielsen, DEN330
 Ole Östmo, NOR329
Military Rifle—TeamSwitzerland4399
Team EventsSwitzerland2271


Men's SinglesHugh Doherty, GBR
 Harold Mahony, GBR/IRE
 Reginald Doherty, GBR
 A.B.J. Norris, GBR
Men's DoublesReginald Doherty, GBR / Hugh Doherty, GBR
 Spalding de Garmendia, USA / Max Decugis, FRA
 André Prévost, FRA / Gerard de la Chapelle, FRA
 Harold Mahony, GBR/IRE / A.B.J. Norris, GBR
Women's SinglesCharlotte Cooper, GBR
 Hélène Prévost, FRA
 Marion Jones, USA
 Hegwiga Rosenbaumová, BOH
MixedCharlotte Cooper, GBR / Reginald Doherty, GBR
 Hélène Prévost, FRA / Harold Mahoney, GBR/IRE
 Hedwiga Rosenbaumová, BOH / Anthony Warden
 Marion Jones, USA / Hugh Doherty, GBR


Open ClassGreat Britain
0.5 Ton ClassFrance
0.5–1.0 Ton ClassGreat Britain
1–2 Ton ClassGermany
2–3 Ton ClassGreat Britain
3–10 Ton ClassFrance
 France/Great Britain
10–20 Ton ClassFrance
 Great Britain
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