These are the medal winners in the women's swimming, diving, and sychronized swimming events at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Event   Time
  50m Free Britta Steffen, GER 24.06 OR
  Dara Torres, USA 24.07
  Cate Campbell, AUS 24.17
 100m Free Britta Steffen, GER 53.12 OR
  Lisbeth Trickett, AUS 53.16
  Natalie Coughlin, USA 53.39
 200m Free Federica Pellegrini, ITA 1:54.82 WR
  Sara Isakovic, SLO 1:54.97
  Jiaying Pang, CHN 1:55.05
 400m Free Rebecca Adlington, GBR 4:03.22
  Katie Hoff, USA 4:03.29
  Joanne Jackson, GBR 4:03.52
 800m Free Ai Shibata, JPN 8:14.10 WR
  Alessia Filippi, ITA 8:20.23
  Lotte Friis, DEN 8:23.03
 100m Back Natalie Coughlin, USA 58.96
  Kirsty Coventry, ZIM 59.19
  Margaret Hoelzer, USA 59.34
 200m Back Kirsty Coventry, ZIM 2:05.24 WR
  Margaret Hoelzer, USA 2:06.23
  Reiko Nakamura, JPN 2:07.13
 100m Brst Leisel Jones, AUS 1:05.17 OR
  Rebecca Soni, USA 1:06.73
  Mirna Jukic, AUT 1:07.34
 200m Brst Rebecca Soni, USA 2:20.22 WR
  Leisel Jones, AUS 2:22.05
  Sara Nordenstam, NOR 2:23.02
 100m Fly Lisbeth Trickett, AUS 56.73
  Christine Magnuson, USA 57.10
  Jessicah Schipper, AUS 57.25
 200m Fly Zige Liu, CHN 2:04.18 WR
  Liuyang Jiao, CHN 2:04.72
  Jessicah Schipper, AUS 2:06.26
 200m I.M. Stephanie Rice, AUS 2:08.45 WR
  Kirsty Coventry, ZIM 2:08.59
  Natalie Coughlin, USA 2:10.34
 400m I.M. Stephanie Rice, AUS 4:29.45 WR
  Kirsty Coventry, ZIM 4:29.89
  Katie Hoff, USA 4:31.71
4x100m Free China (Yingwen Zhu, Yi Tang, Yanwei Xu, Jiaying Pang) 3:36.78
  Germany 3:37.52
  United States 3:37.53
4x200m Free Australia (Stephanie Rice, Bronte Barratt, Kylie Palmer, Linda Mackenzie) 7:44.31 WR
  China 7:45.93
  United States 7:46.33
4x100m Med Australia (Emily Seebohm, Leisel Jones, Jessicah Schipper, Lisbeth Trickett) 3:52.69 WR
  United States 3:53.30
  China 3:56.11
Diving   Points
Platform Ruolin Chen, CHN 590.31
  Emilie Heymans, CAN 576.30
  Xin Wang, CHN 561.66
Spring Jingjing Guo, CHN 415.35
  Julia Pakhalina, RUS 398.60
  Minxia Wu, CHN 389.85
Synchronized Platform Xin Wang / Ruolin Chen, CHN 363.54
  Briony Cole / Melissa Wu, AUS 335.16
  Paola Espinosa / Tatiana Ortiz, MEX 330.06
Synchronized Springboard Minxia Wu / Jingjing Guo, CHN 343.50
  Julia Pakhalina / Anastasia Pozdnyakova, RUS 323.61
  Ditte Kotzian / Heike Fischer, GER 318.90
Synchronized Swimming   Points
Duet Russia 99.251
  Spain 98.334
  Japan 97.167
Team Russia 99.500
  Spain 98.251
  China 97.334
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