Winter Olympics Through the Years: 1992

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The first Olympics since the reunification of Germany in 1990 and the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 resulted in a record 2,174 athletes from 65 countries as the Winter Games were staged in the French Alps for the third time. Despite all the political turmoil at home, Germany's combined East-West squad and the Unified Team of ex-Soviet athletes were again the biggest winners with the Germans edging the Unifieds in total medals, 26-23.

The female stars of the UT cross-country contingent made the most medal news as Lyubov Egorova (3 gold and 2 silver) and Elena Valbe (1 gold and 4 bronze), each won five and 39–year-old Raisa Smetanina set a Winter Games record with her 10th career medal as a member of the victorious 20–kilometer relay team.

Norway won as many gold medals (9) as the Unified Team, thanks mainly to cross-country skiers Bjorn Dählie and Vegard Ulvang, who each carried off three golds and a silver. Norwegians also won gold in alpine skiing for the first time in 40 years as Finn Christian Jagge (slalom) and Kjetil Andre Aamodt (Super G) made like Stein Eriksen in 1952.

Led by Bonnie Blair's victories at 500 and 1,000 meters in speed skating, women won all five gold medals collected by the U.S. Blair was joined by figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, freestyle skier Donna Weinbrecht and short track speed skater Cathy Turner.

Top 10 Standings

National medal standings are not recognized by the IOC. The unofficial point totals are based on 3 points for a gold medal, 2 for a silver and 1 for a bronze. Total medals are in parentheses.

1Germany (26)1010656
2Unified Team (23)96847
3Norway (20)96544
4Austria (21)67840
5Italy (14)46428
6United States (11)54225
7France (9)35120
8Finland (7)31314
 Canada (7)23214
10Japan (7)12411

Leading Medal Winners

Number of individual medals won on the left; gold, silver and bronze breakdown to the right.


No SportG-S-B
4Bjorn Dählie, NORX-country3-1-0
4Vegard Ulvang, NORX-country3-1-0
3Mark Kirchner, GERBiahtlon2-1-0
3Toni Nieminen, FINSki Jump2-0-1
3Martin Hollwarth, AUTSki Jump0-3-0
3Giorgio Vanzetta, ITAX-country0-1-2
2Kim Ki Hoon, S.KorST Sp. Skate2-0-0
2Ricco Gross, GERBiathlon1-1-0
2Johann Koss, NORSp. Skate1-1-0
2Alberto Tomba, ITAAlpine1-1-0
2Ernst Vettori, AUTSki Jump1-1-0
2Kjetil Andre Aamodt, NORAlpine1-0-1
2Donat Acklin, SWIBobsled1-0-1
2Geir Karlstad, NORSp. Skate1-0-1
2Terje Langli, NORX-country1-0-1
2Gustav Weder, SWIBobsled1-0-1
2Lee Joon Ho, S.KorST Sp. Skate1-0-1
2Marco Albarello, ITAX-country0-2-0
2Frederic Blackburn, CANST Sp. Skate0-2-0
2Marc Girardelli, LUXAlpine0-2-0
2Heinz Kuttin, AUTSki Jump0-1-1
2Mikael Lofren, SWEBiathlon0-0-2
2Klaus Sulzenbacher, AUTNordic Comb.0-0-2
2Leo Visser, NEDSp. Skate0-0-2


No SportG-S-B
5Lyubov Egorova, UTX-country3-2-0
5Elena Valbe, UTX-country1-0-4
3Gunda Niemann, GERSp. Skate2-1-0
3Antje Misersky, GERBiathlon1-2-0
3Stefania Belmondo, ITAX-country1-1-1
2Bonnie Blair, USASp.Skate2-0-0
2Petra Kronberger, AUTAlpine2-0-0
2Marjut Lukkarinen, FINX-country1-1-0
2Cathy Turner, USAST Sp. Skate1-1-0
2Anfisa Reztsova, UTBiathlon1-0-1
2Ye Qiaobo, CHNSp. Skate0-2-0
2Anita Wachter, AUTAlpine0-2-0
2Heike Warnicke, GERSp. Skate0-2-0
2Elena Belova, UTBiathlon0-0-2

Alpine Skiing


Event  Time
DownhillPatrick Ortlieb, AUT1:50.37
SlalomFinn Christian Jagge, NOR1:44.39
Giant SlalomAlberto Tomba, ITA2:06.98
Super GKjetil Andre Aamodt, NOR1:13.04
CombinedJosef Polig, ITA14.58 pts


Event  Time
DownhillKerrin Lee-Gartner, CAN1:52.55
SlalomPetra Krenberger, AUT1:32.68
Giant SlalomPernilla Wiberg, SWE2:12.74
Super GDeborah Compagnoni, ITA1:21.22
CombinedPetra Kronberger, AUT2.55 pts



Event  MTTime
10kmMark Kircher, GER026:02.3
20kmYevgeny Redkine, UT057:34.4
4x7.5km relayGermany (Gross, Steinigen,
Kirchner, Fischer)


Event  MTTime
7.5kmAnfisa Reztsova, UT324:29.2
15kmAntje Misersky, GER151:47.2
3x7.5km relayFrance (Niogret, Claudel, Briand)01:15:55.6


Event  Time
2-ManSWI (Gustav Weder & Donat Acklin)4:03.26
4-ManAUT (Ingo Appelt, Harald Winkler, Gerhard Haidacher, Thomas Schroll)3:53.90

Figure Skating

Event  FP
MenViktor Petrenko, UT1.5
WomenKristi Yamaguchi, USA1.5
PairsNatalya Mishkutienok & Artur Dmitriev, UT1.5
DanceMarina Klimova & Sergei Ponomarenko, UT2.0

Freestyle Skiing

Event  Pts
Men's MogulsEdgar Grospiron, FRA25.81
Women's MogulsDonna Weinbrecht, USA23.69

Ice Hockey

Round Robin Standings

First four teams in each group advanced to medal round.

United States54-0-19187
Unified Team54-1-083210
Note: First place tie broken by goal differential in common games.


Canada 3Germany 3
(Canada wins shootout, 3-2)
Czechoslovakia 3Sweden 1
United States 4France 1
Unified Team 6Finland 1


Canada 4Czechoslovakia 2
Unified Team 5United States 2

Bronze Medal

Czechoslovakia 6United States 1

Gold Medal

Unified Team 3 Canada 1



Event  Time
SinglesGeorg Hackl, GER3:02.363
DoublesStefan Krausse & Jan Behrendt, GER1:32.053


Event  Time
SinglesDoris Neuner, AUT3:06.696

Nordic Skiing


Cross Country

Event Time
10kmVegard Ulvang, NOR27:36.0
15kmBjorn Dählie, NOR38:01.9
30kmVegard Ulvang, NOR1:22:27.8
50kmBjorn Dählie, NOR2:03:41.5
4x10km NOR (Langli, Ulvang, Skjedal, Dahlie)1:39:26.0

Ski Jumping

Event Pts
90mErnst Vettori, AUT222.8
120mToni Nieminen, FIN239.5
Team (120m)FIN (Nikkola, Laitinen,
Laakkonen, Nieminen)

Nordic Combined

Event Pts
Indiv.Fabrice Guy, FRA426.47
TeamJPN (Mikata, Kono, Ogiwara)1247.18


Cross Country

Event  Time
5km Marjut Lukkarinen, FIN14:13.8
10km Lyubov Egorova, RUS25:53.7
15km Lyubov Egorova, RUS42:20.8
30km Stefania Belmondo, ITA1:22:30.1
4x5km UT (Valbe, Smetanina, Lasutina, Egorova)59:34.8

Speed Skating


Long Track

Event  Time
500mUwe-Jens Mey, GER37.14
1000mOlaf Zinke, GER1:14.85
1500mJohann Olav Koss, NOR1:54.81
5000mGeir Karlstad, NOR6:59.97
10,000mBart Veldkamp, NED14:12.12

Short Track

Event  Time  
1000mKi-Hoon Kim, S. Kor1:30.76WR
4x1250mS.Kor (Kim, Lee, Jmo, Song)7:14.02WR


Long Track

Event  Time
500mBonnie Blair, USA40.33
1000mBonnie Blair, USA1:21.90
1500mJacqueline Borner, GER2:05.87
3000mGunda Niemann, GER4:19.90
5000mGunda Niemann, GER7:31.57

Short Track

Event  Time
500mCathy Turner, USA47.04
4x750mCAN (Cutrone, Daigle, Lambert, Perreault)4:36.62
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