1994 Olympics

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For better or worse, the Lillehammer games may be best evoked in most people's memories by two names. Tonya and Nancy. It was an ugly attack before the U.S. Figure Skating Championships on skater Nancy Kerrigan by cohorts of teammate and rival Tonya Harding that set up the most anticipated moment of the Games. Harding's goons were arrested following the Kerrigan clubbing and charged in a plot to improve Harding's chances of medaling by removing Kerrigan from competition. The plan failed and Kerrigan did compete, finishing with the silver medal. She actually tied 16-year-old Ukrainian orphan Oksana Baiul but missed the gold on the artistic merit tiebreaker. Harding, who had to threaten a lawsuit to avoid being barred from the Games by the USOC, ended up in eighth. The broadcast of the women's skating final was the sixth highest-rated program of any sort in U.S. television history.

There are so many more names symbolic of these games, however. Norway's Johann Olav Koss set three world records and won three golds in the men's 1500-, 5000- and 10,000-meter speed skating events. American speed skaters had success as well. Dan Jansen finally caught that elusive medal, winning the 1000-meter gold with a world record in his final event. Bonnie Blair won two golds in the women's 500- and 1000-meter races. And those were just the speed skaters.

The games were the most environmentally friendly Olympics in history as well. Norway's recycling and energy-saving techniques were so successful that the IOC revised its procedure for choosing host cities as a result.

Top 10 Standings

National medal standings are not recognized by the IOC. The unofficial point totals are based on 3 points for a gold medal, 2 for a silver and 1 for a bronze. Total medals are in parentheses.

1Norway (26)1011557
2Russia (23)118453
3Germany (24)97849
4Italy (20)75839
5United States (13)65230
6Canada (13)36425
7Switzerland (9)34219
8Austria (9)23416
9South Korea (6)41115
10Japan (5)1229

Leading Medal Winners

Number of individual medals won on the left; gold, silver and bronze breakdown to the right.


No SportG-S-B
4Bjorn Dählie, NORX-country2-2-0
3Johann Olav Koss, NORSp. Skating3-0-0
3Vladimir Smirnov, KAZX-country1-2-0
3Sergei Tarasov, RUSBiathlon1-1-1
3Kjetil Andre Aamodt, NORAlpine0-2-1
3Mika Myllyla, FINX-country0-1-2
2Markus Wasmeier, GERAlpine2-0-0
2Jens Weissflog, GERSki Jumping2-0-0
2Donat Acklin, SWIBobsled1-1-0
2Thomas Alsgaard, NORX-country1-1-0
2Espen Bredesen, NORSki Jumping1-1-0
2Ji-Hoon Chae, S.KorST Sp. Skating1-1-0
2Ricco Gross, GERBiathlon1-1-0
2Takanori Kono, JPNNordic Comb.1-1-0
2Frank Luck,. GERBiathlon1-1-0
2Fred Borre Lundberg, NORNordic Comb.1-1-0
2Tommy Moe, USAAlpine1-1-0
2Sergei Chepikov, RUSBiathlon1-1-0
2Mirko Vuillermin, ITAST. Sp. Skating1-1-0
2Gustav Weder, SWIBobsled1-1-0
2Marco Albarello, ITAX-Country1-0-1
2Silvio Fauner, ITAX-Country1-0-1
2Sven Fischer, GERBiathlon1-0-1
2Dieter Thoma, GERSki Jumping1-0-1
2Kjell Storelid, NORSp. Skating0-2-0
2Sergei Klevchenya, RUSSp. Skating0-1-1
2Rintje Ritsma, NEDSp. Skating0-1-1
2Sture Sivertsen, NORX-Country0-1-1
2Bjarte Engen Vik, NORNordic Comb.0-1-1
2Andreas Goldberger, AUTSki Jumping0-0-2


No SportG-S-B
5Manuela Di Centa, ITAX-Country2-2-1
4Lyubov Egorova, RUSX-Country3-1-0
3Vreni Schneider, SWIAlpine1-1-1
2Myriam Bedard, CANBiathlon2-0-0
2Bonnie Blair, USASp. Skating2-0-0
2Lee-Kyung Chun, S. KorST Sp. Skating2-0-0
2Emese Hunyady, AUTSp. Skating1-1-0
2Nina Gavriluk, RUSX-Country1-0-1
2So-Hee Kim, S. KorST Sp. Skating1-0-1
2Claudia Pechstein, GERSp. Skating1-0-1
2Cathy Turner, USAST Sp. Skating1-0-1
2Ann Briand, FRABiathlon0-1-1
2Ursula Disl, GERBiathlon0-1-1
2Gunda Niemann, GERSp. Skating0-1-1
2Stefina Belmondo, ITAX-Country0-0-2
2M.L. Kirvesniemi, FINX-Country0-0-2
2Isolde Kostner, ITAAlpine0-0-2
2Amy Peterson, USAST Sp. Skating0-0-2

Alpine Skiing


Event  Time
DownhillTommy Moe, USA1:45.75
SlalomThomas Stangassinger, AUT2:02.02
Giant SlalomMarkus Wasmeier, GER2:52.46
Super GMarkus Wasmeier, GER1:32.53
CombinedLasse Kjus, NOR3:17.53


Event  Time
DownhillKatja Seizinger, GER1:35.93
SlalomVreni Schneider, SWI1:56.01
Giant SlalomDeborah Compagnoni, ITA2:30.97
Super GDiann Roffe-Steinrotter, USA1:22.15
CombinedPernilla Wiberg, SWE3:05.16



Event  MTTime
10kmSergei Chepikov, RUS028:07.0
20kmSergei Tarasov, RUS357:25.3
4x7.5km relayGermany01:30:22.1


Event  MTTime
7.5kmMyriam Bedard, CAN226:08.8
15kmMyriam Bedard, CAN252:06.6
4x7.5km relayRussia01:47:19.5


Event  Time
2-ManSWI (Gustav Weder & Donat Acklin)3:30.81
4-ManGER (Harald Czudaj, Karsten Brannasch,
Olaf Hampel, Alexander Szelig)

Freestyle Skiing


Event  Pts
AerialsAndreas Schoenbaechler, SWI234.67
MogulsJean-Luc Brassard, CAN27.24


Event  Pts
AerialsLina Cherjazova, UZB166.84
MogulsStine Lise Hattestad, NOR25.97

Figure Skating

Event  FP
MenAlexei Urmanov, RUS1.5
WomenOksana Baiul, UKR2.0
PairsEkaterina Gordeeva & Sergei Grinkov, RUS1.5
DanceOksana Gritschuk & Yevgeny Platov, RUS3.0

Ice Hockey

Round Robin Standings

First four teams in each group advanced to medal round.

Czech Republic53-2-061611
Note: Second place tie broken by goal differential in common games.
United States51-1-352117
Note: Second place tie broken by goal differential in common games.


Sweden 3Germany 0
Canada 3OTCzech Republic 2
Finland 6United States 1
Russia 3OTSlovakia 2


Sweden 4Russia 3
Canada 5Finland 3

Bronze Medal

Finland 4Russia 0

Gold Medal

Sweden 2OTCanada 2
(Sweden wins shootout, 3-2)



Event  Time
SinglesGeorg Hackl, GER3:21.571
DoublesKurt Brugger & Wilfried Huber, ITA1:36.720


Event  Time
SinglesGerda Weissensteiner, ITA3:15.517

Nordic Skiing


Cross Country

Event  Time
10km Bjorn Dählie, NOR24:20.1
15km Bjorn Dählie, NOR1:00:08.8
30km Thomas Alsgaard, NOR1:12:26.4
50km Vladimir Smirnov, KAZ2:07:20.3
4x10km ITA (De Zolt, Albarello, Vanzetta, Fauner)1:41:15.0

Ski Jumping

Event Pts
90mEspen Bredesen, NOR282.0
120mJens Weissflog, GER274.5
Team (120m)GER (Jaekle, Duffner,
Thoma, Weissflog)

Nordic Combined

Event Pts
Indiv.Fred Borre Lundberg, NOR457.970
TeamJPN (Kono, Abe, Ogiwara)1368.860


Cross Country

Event  Time
5km Lyubov Egorova, RUS14:08.8
10km Lyubov Egorova, RUS41:38.1
15km Manuela Di Centa, ITA39:44.5
30km Manuela Di Centa, ITA1:25:41.6
4x5km RUS (Valbe, Lazutina, Gavriluk, Egorova)57:12.5

Speed Skating


Long Track

Event  Time 
500mAleksandr Golubev, RUS36.33OR
1000mDan Jansen, USA1:12.43WR
1500mJohann Olav Koss, NOR1:51.29WR
5000mJohann Olav Koss, NOR6:34.96WR
10,000mJohann Olav Koss, NOR13:30.55WR

Short Track

Event  Time 
500mJi-Hoon Chae, S. Kor43.45 
1000mKi-Hoon Kim, S. Kor1:34.57 
5000m relayItaly7:11.74OR


Long Track

Event  Time
500mBonnie Blair, USA39.25
1000mBonnie Blair, USA1:18.74
1500mEmese Hunyady, AUT2:02.19
3000mSvetlana Bazhanova, RUS4:17.43
5000mClaudia Pechstein, GER7:14.37

Short Track

Event  Time  
500mCathy Turner, USA45.98OR
1000mLee-Kyung Chun, S. Kor1:36.87 
3000m RelaySouth Korea4:26.64WR
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