St. Patrick's Day

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Killary Harbour, Ireland

Special Features

St. Patrick's Day: Until Recently, More Dallas than Dublin
How the Irish celebrate their holiday

St. Pat's Day by the Numbers
24% percent of Massachusetts residents are of Irish ancestry

Those Quotable Irish
John Millington Synge, W.B. Yeats, and others

Irish Proverbs
A good beginning is half the work

Encyclopedia: Saint Patrick
From enslaved herdsman to Christian missionary

In the Company of St. Patrick
Ten major Irish saints

History and Background

What's the Symbolism of the Irish Flag?
Rarely has a flag possessed such relevance

Almanac: Ireland
Geography, history, politics, statistics

Encyclopedia: Land, People, History of Ireland
32,598 sq. miles and one-third of Britain's size

The Northern Irish Conflict: A Chronology
Geography, history, and overview of the peace process

Literature and Language

Notable Irish Writers
"The Irish, condemned to express themselves in a language not their own, have stamped on it the mark of their own genius." —James Joyce

In Joyce's Wake
Today's Irish writers live up to legend

Encyclopedia: Irish language
The roots of the Gaelic language

Irish Literature & Folklore Quiz

Irish English Quiz

More Fun Stuff

St. Patrick's Day Slider Game  

St. Patrick's Day Hangman Game  

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