1. counterfeit, forgery, imitation

usage: a copy that is represented as the original


1. forge, fake, counterfeit, re-create

usage: make a copy of with the intent to deceive; "he faked the signature"; "they counterfeited dollar bills"; "She forged a Green Card"


1. counterfeit (vs. genuine), imitative, assumed, false, fictitious, fictive, pretended, put on, sham, bad, forged, base, bogus, fake, phony, phoney, bastard, inauthentic, unauthentic, spurious, mock, ostensible, ostensive, pinchbeck, pseudo, synthetic, artificial#1, unreal, false, insincere, unreal

usage: not genuine; imitating something superior; "counterfeit emotion"; "counterfeit money"; "counterfeit works of art"; "a counterfeit prince"

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