Synonyms of frontal


1. frontlet, frontal, adornment

usage: an adornment worn on the forehead

2. frontal, curtain, drape, drapery, mantle, pall

usage: a drapery that covers the front of an altar

3. facade, frontage, frontal, front

usage: the face or front of a building


1. frontal, anterior (vs. posterior)

usage: belonging to the front part; "a frontal appendage"

2. frontal

usage: of or relating to the front of an advancing mass of air; "frontal rainfall"

3. frontal, head-on, front(prenominal) (vs. back)

usage: meeting front to front; "a frontal attack"; "a head-on collision"

4. frontal, anterior (vs. posterior)

usage: of or adjacent to the forehead or frontal bone; "the frontal lobes"

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