Priority Mail Flat-Rate Envelope

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Priority Mail offers 1-3 day service to most domestic destinations. Items must weigh 70 lbs or less and measure 108 in. or less in combined length and girth. Prices are Post Office (retail and online) rates.

Priority Mail Prices

Priority Mail (Up to 1 lbs)6.45
Flat Rate Envelope6.45
Flat Rate Legal Envelope6.45
Flat Rate Padded Envelope6.80
Small Flat Rate Box6.80
Medium Flat Rate Box13.45
Large Flat Rate Box18.75
For other Priority Mail options, see postmaster.
Zone Chart Program (/node/4994) provides a 1-page zone chart for your origin ZIP Code.

Priority Mail Flat-Rate Envelope

$6.45 paid online, regardless of weight or destination, for matter sent in a flat-rate envelope provided by the Postal Service.

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