Estimated Deaths from Earthquakes, 2006

Feb. 14Sikkim, India5.32
Feb. 22Mozambique7.04
March 10Pakistan4.91
March 14Seram, Indonesia6.74
March 20Northern Algeria5.04
March 25Southern Iran5.91
March 31Western Iran6.170
April 25Tasmania, Australia2.21
May 26Java, Indonesia6.35,749
June 3Southern Iran5.42
July 17South of Java, Indonesia7.7730
July 22Eastern Sichuan, China5.122
July 29Tajikistan5.63
Aug. 25Eastern Sichan, China5.21
Sept. 29Trinidad region, Trinidad and Tobago5.51
Dec. 1Sumbawa region, Indonesia6.31
Total  6,596
Source: National Earthquake Information Center, U.S. Geological Survey. Web:
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