Top News Stories from 1921

World Events

World Statistics

Population: 4.378 billion
population by decade
Nobel Peace Prize: Karl H. Branting (Sweden) and Christian L. Lange (Norway)
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U.S. Events

U.S. Statistics

President: Warren G. Harding
Vice President: Calvin Coolidge
Population: 108,538,000
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Federal spending: $5.06 billion
Consumer Price Index: $17.9
Unemployment: 11.7%
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.02


World Series
NY Giants d. NY Yankees (5-3)
Stanley Cup
Ottawa d. Vancouver (PCHA)
Women: Suzanne Lenglen d. E. Ryan (6-2 6-0)
Men: Bill Tilden d. B. Norton (4-6 2-6 6-1 6-0 7-5)
Kentucky Derby Champion
Behave Yourself
NCAA Football Champions
California (CFRA) (9-0-1) & Cornell (NCF, HF) (8-0-0)


Entertainment Awards

Pulitzer Prizes

The Age of Innocence, Edith Wharton

Drama: Miss Lulu Bett, Zona Gale
Nobel Prize for Literature: Anatole France (France)
Miss America: Margaret Gorman (DC)
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  • The Sheik, directed by George Melford, debuts and establishes star Rudolph Valentino as cinema's best-known lover.
  • The Cleveland Playhouse opens, becoming the country's first resident professional theater.
  • Edith Wharton's Age of Innocence wins Pulitzer Prize.
  • Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, the rotund actor, director and producer, is arrested on manslaughter charges, after a woman died following a party at his house. He was acquitted after three trials, but his career in film never recovered.


Nobel Prizes in Science

Chemistry: Frederick Soddy (UK), for investigations into origin and nature of isotopes
Physics: Albert Einstein (Germany), for discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect
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