Top News Stories from 1928

World Events

World Statistics

Population: 4.378 billion
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U.S. Events

U.S. Statistics

President: Calvin Coolidge
Vice President: Charles G. Dawes
Population: 120,509,000
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  • The Jones-White Merchant Marine Act passed by Congress (May 22) provides funds to help make the U.S. commercial shipping industry more competitive in the world.
  • Former Chicago city council member Oscar DePriest is elected to the 71st U.S. Congress (Nov. 6). He is the first black Representative to be elected in a northern state.
  • U.S. voters elect Herbert Hoover president (Nov. 6) over Alfred E. Smith, governor of New York.


Federal spending: $2.96 billion
Consumer Price Index: $17.1
Unemployment: 4.2%
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.02


World Series
NY Yankees d. St. Louis Cardinals (4-0)
Stanley Cup
NY Rangers d. Montreal Maroons
Women: Helen Wills d. L. de Alvarez (6-2 6-3)
Men: Rene Lacoste d. H. Cochet (6-1 4-6 6-4 6-2)
Kentucky Derby Champion
Reigh Count
NCAA Football Champions
Georgia Tech (CFRA, NCF, HF) (10-0-0) & USC (DS) (9-0-1) 1928 Summer Olympics


Entertainment Awards

Pulitzer Prizes
Drama: Strange Interlude, Eugene O'Neill
Nobel Prize for Literature: Sigrid Undset (Norway)
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  • John Baird beams a television image from England to the United States.
  • GE introduces a television set with a 3" X 4" screen.
  • The first television is sold -- a Daven for $75.
  • Walt Disney introduces Galloping Gaucho and Steamboat Willie, the first cartoons with sound.
  • The Academy Awards are handed out for the first time. Wings wins Best Picture.


Nobel Prizes in Science

Chemistry: Adolf Windaus (Germany), for investigations on constitution of the sterols and their connection with vitamins
Physics: In 1929, the 1928 prize was awarded to Sir Owen Richardson (UK), for work on the phenomenon of thermionics and discovery of the Richardson Law
Physiology or Medicine: Charles Nicolle (France), for work on typhus exanthematicus
Physiology or Medicine: The Bridge of San Luis Rey, Thornton Wilder
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