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Pronunciation: (blub'ur), [key]
— n.
  1. the fat layer between the skin and muscle of whales and other cetaceans, from which oil is made.
  2. excess body fat.
  3. an act of weeping noisily and without restraint.
  1. to weep noisily and without restraint: Stop blubbering and tell me what's wrong.
  1. to say, esp. incoherently, while weeping: The child seemed to be blubbering something about a lost ring.
  2. to contort or disfigure (the features) with weeping.
  1. disfigured with blubbering; blubbery: She dried her blubber eyes.
  2. fatty; swollen; puffed out (usually used in combination): thick, blubber lips; blubber-faced.
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