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Pronunciation: (kûr'unt, kur'-), [key]
— adj.
  1. passing in time; belonging to the time actually passing: the current month.
  2. prevalent; customary: the current practice.
  3. popular; in vogue: current fashions.
  4. new; present; most recent: the current issue of a publication.
  5. publicly reported or known: a rumor that is current.
  6. passing from one to another; circulating, as a coin.
  7. running; flowing.
  8. genuine; authentic.
  1. a flowing; flow, as of a river.
  2. something that flows, as a stream.
  3. a large portion of air, large body of water, etc., moving in a certain direction.
  4. the speed at which such flow moves; velocity of flow.
  5. See
  6. a course, as of time or events; the main course; the general tendency.
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