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Pronunciation: (frak'chur), [key]
— n., v., -tured, -tur•ing.
  1. the breaking of a bone, cartilage, or the like, or the resulting condition. Cf. comminuted fracture, complete fracture, compound fracture, greenstick fracture, simple fracture.
  2. the act of breaking; state of being broken.
  3. a break, breach, or split.
  4. the characteristic manner of breaking: a material of unpredictable fracture.
  5. the characteristic appearance of a broken surface, as of a mineral.
  1. to cause or to suffer a fracture in (a bone, etc.).
  2. to break or crack.
  3. to amuse highly or cause to laugh heartily; delight: The new comic really fractured the audience.
  1. to become fractured; break: a mineral that does not fracture easily.
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