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Pronunciation: (in-skrīb'), [key]
— -scribed, -scrib•ing.
  1. to address or dedicate (a book, photograph, etc.) informally to a person, esp. by writing a brief personal note in or on it.
  2. to mark (a surface) with words, characters, etc., esp. in a durable or conspicuous way.
  3. to write, print, mark, or engrave (words, characters, etc.).
  4. to enroll, as on an official list.
  5. to draw or delineate (one figure) within another figure so that the inner lies entirely within the boundary of the outer, touching it at as many points as possible: to inscribe a circle in a square.
    1. to issue (a loan) in the form of shares with registered stockholders.
    2. to sell (stocks).
    3. to buy (stocks).
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