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Pronunciation: (ri-sip'ru-kul), [key]
— adj.
  1. given or felt by each toward the other; mutual: reciprocal respect.
  2. given, performed, felt, etc., in return: reciprocal aid.
  3. corresponding; matching; complementary; equivalent: reciprocal privileges at other health clubs.
  4. (of a pronoun or verb) expressing mutual relationship or action: “Each other” and “one another” are reciprocal pronouns.
  5. inversely related or proportional; opposite.
  6. noting expressions, relations, etc., involving reciprocals: a reciprocal function.
  7. bearing in a direction 180° to a given direction; back.
  1. something that is reciprocal to something else; equivalent; counterpart; complement.
  2. Also calledthe ratio of unity to a given quantity or expression; that by which the given quantity or expression is multiplied to produce unity:1/x. The reciprocal of x is
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