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Pronunciation: (swā), [key]
— v.i.
  1. to move or swing to and fro, as something fixed at one end or resting on a support.
  2. to move or incline to one side or in a particular direction.
  3. to incline in opinion, sympathy, tendency, etc.: She swayed toward conservatism.
  4. to fluctuate or vacillate, as in opinion: His ideas swayed this way and that.
  5. to wield power; exercise rule.
  1. to cause to move to and fro or to incline from side to side.
  2. to cause to move to one side or in a particular direction.
  3. to hoist or raise (a yard, topmast, or the like) (usually fol. by up).
  4. to cause to fluctuate or vacillate.
  5. to cause (the mind, emotions, etc., or a person) to incline or turn in a specified way; influence.
  6. to cause to swerve, as from a purpose or a course of action: He swayed them from their plan.
  7. to dominate; direct.
  8. to wield, as a weapon or scepter.
  9. to rule; govern.
  1. the act of swaying; swaying movement.
  2. rule; dominion: He held all Asia in his sway.
  3. dominating power or influence: Many voters were under his sway.
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