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The Information Please family of almanacs has a reputation for accuracy, proven in print for more than fifty years. Since its debut in February 1998, has continued to live up to the legacy of its print counterparts, receiving recognition as an information resource both on the World Wide Web and in print.

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PC magazine

PC Magazine
After Hours: Online Encyclopedias
January 18, 2000

"You can get a lot of the encyclopedias' content online—sometimes free... You might also want to check out Information Please Almanacs."


Yahoo! Internet LifeYahoo! Internet Life
101 Most Incredibly Useful Sites
January 2000

Useful Reference Site
Answer a Trivia Question: "What is the state flower of Alabama? You'll find the answer to such basic (yet puzzling) questions as this at the online version of this enduring reference. Most useful is its Fact Finder, a searching tool you get to keep at your virtual side as you browse the Web. (Oh – the answer is, of course, the camellia.)" Top 10
Top 10 List
December 1999 was chosen to be on's Top 10 list on the Internet Explorer toolbar.


Web Feet Seal

Web Feet: The Internet Traveler's Desk Reference
Seal of Approval
December 1999

The Kids' Almanac received the Web Feet Seal of Approval from the print reference book Web Feet: The Internet Traveler's Desk Reference. Top Site
Top Site
November 1999, the world's premier education portal, selected as a Top Site.


.net 100

.net Magazine (U.K.)
Top 100 Award was selected as a Top 100 site in the January issue of .net magazine, the U.K.'s best-selling internet magazine.


NBC13 Birmingham, AL
Cool Site of the Week

October 24, 1999

"Things keep heating up in the world of college football. Infoplease offers a great site of stats and information covering the last five or six decades of football."

Mass. Interactive Media Council
Massachuetts Interactive Media Council (MIMC)
1999 Awards Finalist

The MIMC awards are the most prestigious awards competition for the interactive media industry in New England. is a finalist for Outstanding Information/Reference Online Site—Original Content Top Site
Top Site
October 1999, the world's premier education portal, selected Homework Helper for its Grade School to High School page.

Go Award
Go Network
Sports Topic Award
October 1999

The Information Please Sports Almanac was selected as one of the best for sports reference web sites.

StudyWeb StudyWeb
Excellence Award
Sept. 1999

The Kids' Almanac was selected as one of the best educational resources for students and teachers.

Golden Web Award
International Association of Web Masters & Designers
Golden Web Award
August 1999

The Information Please Almanac and Kids' Almanac were recognized for creativity and excellence on the Web.

Star Site AwardSurfMonkey
Star Site Award
August 1999

The Kids' Almanac was handpicked as one of the best online homework helpers for kids ages 6-12.

Ask Jeeves Silver Platter Site

Ask Jeeves
Silver Platter Site
July 1999


Yahoo! Internet LifeYahoo! Internet Life
50 Most Incredibly Useful Sites
July 1999

Without these 50 sites, you won't be getting much done online.


Entrepreneur Magazine Reference
July 1999

Quit your browsing! Here are our picks for 100 of the top web sites for entrepreneurs.

"Once a staple in every business library, this information resource (on current events, trends, government offices and much more) is now presented at no charge on the Web."


USAToday EducationUSAToday Education Web
Best Bet for Educators
May 30 – June 5, 1999

"A fun and helpful site for students that has facts on just about anything ranging from world geography to fashion. An abundance of information right at your fingertips!"


Reference Desk: Encyclopedias
May 1999

"Encyclopedia, almanacs and dictionary in one."


.net magazine
Top 100 Resource Site
March 1999

"Need a fact? Now you've got one. Millions, actually."

Top 10 Web Awards
Biblio Magazine Top Ten Website: February 1999

"An online dictionary, encyclopedia and almanac resource. Call it one-stop shopping."

Incredibly Useful Site of the Day
Yahoo! Internet Life Incredibly Useful Site of the Day

"The Internet itself often seems to resemble one big almanac, but it's nice to have a tried-and-true version of the form as a portable, stand-alone product. So the folks who have for years published the Information Please Almanac have put most of it online (meaning immediate Oscars and sports results, so you don't have to wait for the next print version to be released, sometime next year), along with tie-ins to current doings, dictionaries, quizzes, and more. It's faster to use than the print edition, it doesn't take up valuable comic-book room on your shelf, and, unlike most of the almanacs you probably have, it's been updated since the Carter administration."


Chosen as a Hot Site by USA Today

usatoday "The Information Please Almanac product line has a long tradition of publishing reference materials comprising millions of useful and interesting facts. Now all it takes to look something up is a mouse click."


Winner of a 1998 Eye Candy Award

eye candy"Since this award was started in July 1996, the criteria for the eye candy award has reflected the high standards, exciting new possibilities, and real practicalities of web design. To date, over 50,000 web sites have been reviewed by Eye Candy WWW Site Reviews. About one in every 1000 nominations score high enough to receive this award."


The Internet Public Library's Resource of the Week

Internet Public Library "The IPL Resource of the Week is chosen by the IPL staff on the basis of usefulness, content, style, and general coolness."


Baltimore Business Journal's Website of the Week

Baltimore Business Journal

"What is the currency of Nepal? This brand new website is intended to help you find answers to questions just like that. The site is an online encyclopedia started by Information Please, headquartered in Boston. The site was named recently by Yahoo! as its website pick of the week.

The Nepalese currency? The rupee."



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