On This Day: February 19th

This is 50th day of the year and 316 days remain in the year.

in history
The Netherlands and England signed the Peace of Westminster, by which New Amsterdam passed to the English (and was renamed New York).
Aaron Burr, vice president under Thomas Jefferson, was arrested for treason. He was later acquitted.
Thomas Edison patented the gramophone (phonograph).
President Franklin Roosevelt signed an executive order that resulted in the internment of thousands of Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast.
The U.S. Marines went ashore at Iwo Jima.
Britain, Turkey, and Greece signed the agreement granting Cyprus independence.
The first nationwide broadcast of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood aired on PBS.
Deng Xiaoping, Chinese Communist leader, died.
Fidel Castro resigned as President of Cuba after 49 years in power. Raúl Castro, Fidel's brother, succeeded him as president.
February 19 Birthdays
Nicholas Copernicus1473–1543, Polish Astronomer.
Eddie Arcarojockey
Smokey Robinsonsinger
Carson McCullersnovelist
David Garrickactor and dramatist
Lee Marvinactor
Amy Tannovelist

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