On This Day: November 01st

This is 306th day of the year and 60 days remain in the year.

in history
Michelangelo's paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel were shown to the public for the first time.
Earthquake, fires, and tsunami leveled Lisbon and claimed 70,000 lives.
The Stamp Act, the first direct tax on the American colonies, went into effect.
The U.S. Weather Bureau made its first meteorological observations.
Benito Mussolini described the new alliance between Nazi Germany and Italy as an "axis" running between Berlin and Rome.
The United States exploded the first hydrogen bomb in a test in the Marshall Islands.
The Maastricht Treaty was enacted, establishing the European Union.
November 01 Birthdays
Sholem Asch1880–1957, Jewish novelist and playwright, born in Poland.
Gary Playergolfer
Naomi Mitchisonwriter
Lyle Lovettmusician, singer, songwriter
William Merritt Chasepainter
Stephen Cranenovelist, poet.

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