Baby Eve

Cloning Subject / Fraud
Date Of Birth:
c. 2002
Place Of Birth:
West Virginia
Best Known As:
Allegedly, the first cloned human baby

According to the Clonaid Corporation, a baby nicknamed Eve was born on 26 December 2002, allegedly becoming the first human child ever to be cloned. "I am very, very pleased to announce that the first baby clone was born," said Clonaid CEO Bridget Boisselier at a press conference on 27 December 2002. Boisselier said that Eve was born at an undisclosed location to a 31-year-old human mother, whose DNA was identical to the child. Boisselier did not present the mother or child at the time,and has not produced evidence of the child's existence in the years since. Most scientists believe the claim was a hoax, and there's been little word about Baby Eve since her alleged first birthday in 2003.

Extra Credit

The baby’s name is a reference to Eve, the biblical mate of Adam… Representatives of Clonaid have never officially revealed the location of the laboratory where she was allegedly cloned… Another genetically interesting ‘Eve’ is Mitochondrial Eve… The first cloned animal was Dolly the Sheep, born in 1997… Clonaid was created by Raël, a controversial religious leader who claims to have been inspired by a visit from space aliens in 1973.

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