Celebrity Baby Names

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The interesting, odd, and downright crazy names celebrities give their children

compiled by Erin Teare Martin

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Celebrity Occupation Baby Name(s)
Adele / Simon Konecki Singer / Philanthropist Angelo (son)
Amy Adams / Darren Le Gallo Actress / Actor Aviana Olea (daughter)
Christina Aguilera / Jordan Bratman Singer / Personality Max Liron (son)
Gillian Anderson / Clyde Klotz Actress / Art Director Piper Maru (daughter)
Arthur Ashe / Jeanne Moutoussamy Ashe Tennis Player Camera (daughter)
Erykah Badu / Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000) Musician / Musician Seven Sirius (son)
Erykah Badu / Tracy Curry (The D.O.C.) Musician / Musician Puma (daughter)
David Beckham / Victoria Beckham Soccer Player / Spice Girl Brooklyn (son)
Romeo (son)
Cruz (son)
Harper Seven (daughter)
Halle Berry / Olivier Martinez Actor / Actor Maceo Robert Martinez (son)
Halle Berry / Gabriel Aubrey Actor / Model Nahla Ariela (daughter)
Beyonce / Jay-Z Singer, Actor / Rapper, Music Producer, Business Personality Blue Ivy Carter (daughter)
Jessica Biel / Justin Timberlake Actor / Singer, Actor Silas Randall (son)
David Bowie / Angela Bowie Musician / Model Duncan Zowie Heywood Jones (son)
Toni Braxton / Keri Lewis Musician / Musician Denim Cole (son)
Diezel Ky (son)
Christie Brinkley / Peter Cook Model / Architect Sailor Lee (daughter)
Pierce Brosnan / Keely Shaye Smith Actor / Model Dylan Thomas (son)
Nicholas Cage / Alice Kim Actor Kal-el (son)

Note: Kal-el is Superman's birth name.
Mariah Carey / Nick Cannon Singer / Rapper Moroccan Scott (son)
Monroe (daughter)
Cher / Sonny Bono Musician / Musician and Policitian Chaz (son)

Note: Chastity, a transgender, now officially goes by the name Chaz Bono.
Cher / Greg Allman Musician / Musician Elijah Blue (son)
Kurt Cobain / Courtney Love Musician / Musician & Actress Frances Bean (daughter)

Note: She is named after Frances McKee, guitarist for the Scottish band, The Vaselines. Her middle name 'Bean' comes from Kurt thinking she looked like a kidney bean on the ultrasound.
Tom Cruise / Katie Holmes Actor / Actress Suri (daughter)
Matt Damon / Luciana Barroso Actor Stella Zavala (daughter)
Robert Downey, Jr. / Susan Levin Actor / Producer Exton Elias (son)
Hilary Duff / Mike Comrie Actor, Singer / Hockey Player Luca Cruz (son)
Melissa Etheridge / Julie Cypher Musician / Director Beckett (son)
Bailey Jean (daughter)

Note: David Crosby is the biological father of both children.
Courteney Cox Arquette / David Arquette Actress / Actor Coco Riley (daughter)

Note: Reportedly, Coco is short for Courteney Cox.
Celine Dion / Rene Angelil Singer Rene Charles (son)
Eddy and Nelson (twin sons)

Note: Nelson and Eddy, are named in honor of Nelson Mandela and Eddy Marnay, respectively.
Stacy "Fergi" Ferguson / Josh Duhamel Singer / Actor Axl Jack (son)
Soleil Moon Frye / Jason Goldberg Actress / TV and Film Producer Lyric Sonny Roads (son)
Jagger Joseph Blue (daughter)
Poet Sienna Rose (daughter)
Bob Geldof / Paula Yates Musician / TV Host Fifi Trixibelle (daughter)
Peaches Honeyblossom (daughter)
Little Pixie (daughter)
Sarah Michelle Gellar / Freddie Prinze Jr. Actor / Actor Charlotte Grace (daughter)
Rocky James (son)
Richard Gere / Carey Lowell Actor / Actress Homer James Jigme (son)
Ryan Gosling / Eva Mendes Actor / Actor Esmeralda Amada (daughter)
Rachel Griffiths / Andrew Taylor Actress Banjo Patrick (son)
Teri Hatcher / Jon Tenney Actress /Actor Emerson Rose (daughter)
Chris Hemsworth / Elsa Pataky Actor / Model, Actress India Rose (daughter)
Lance Henriksen / Mary Jane Henriksen Actor Alcamy (daughter)
Barbara Hershey / David Carradine Actor / Actress Free (son)
Kate Hudson / Chris Robinson Actress / Musician Ryder Russell (son)
Kate Hudson / Matt Bellamy Actress / Musician Bingham Hawn (son)

Note: Hawn as in Kate Hudson's mother, Goldie.
Helen Hunt / Matthew Carnahan Actress / Writer and Producer Makena'lei Gordon (daughter)
Michael Hutchence / Paula Yates Musician / TV Host Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (daughter)
Jewel / Ty Murray Singer-songewriter / World Champion Rodeo Cowboy Kase Townes (son)
Penn Jillette / Emily Jillette Comedian and Magician Moxie CrimeFighter (daughter)
Milla Jovovich / Paul W. S. Anderson Actress / Director Ever Gabo (daughter)
Kim Kardashian / Kanye West Reality TV Star / Musician, Rapper, Music Producer North West (daughter)
Kourtney Kardashian / Scott Disick Reality TV Star Mason (son)
Alicia Keys / Swizz Beats Singer / Musician Egypt (son)
Mila Kunis / Ashton Kutcher Actor / Actor Wyatt Isabelle (daughter)
Simon LeBon / Yasmin Parvaneh Musician / Model Amber Rose Tamara (daughter)
Saffron Sahara (daughter)
Tallulah Pine (daughter)
Evangeline Lilly / Norman Kali Actress / Production Assistant Kahekili (son)
Jennifer Lopez / Marc Anthony Singer / Singer Max David (son)
Emme Maribel (daughter)
Mario Lopez / Courtney Mazza TV Host / Actress Gia Francesca (daughter)
Matthew McConaughey / Camila Alves Actor / Actress Vida (daughter)
Levi (son)
John Cougar Mellencamp / Vicky Granucci Musician Teddy Jo (daughter)
Justice (daughter)
John Cougar Mellencamp / Elaine Irwin Musician Hud (son)
Spec Wildhorse (son)
Alyssa Milano / David Bugliari Actress Milo Thomas (son)
Rob Morrow / Debbon Ayer Actor / Actress Tu Simone Ayer (daughter)

Note: As in, Tu Morrow.
Mike Myers / Kelly Tisdale Comedian Spike (son)
Jamie Oliver / Jools Oliver Chef / Model Poppy Honey (daughter)
Daisy Boo (daughter)
Gwyneth Paltrow / Chris Martin Actress / Musician Apple (daughter)
Moses (son)
Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie Actor / Actress Zahara Marley (daughter)
Maddox Chivan (son)
Shiloh Nouvel (daughter)
Pax Thien (son)
Knox Léon (son)
Vivienne Marcheline (daughter)

Note: Zahara and Maddox were originally adopted by Jolie. Pitt adopted them as well in 2006.
Pink / Carey Hart Singer / Motorcyle Racer Willow Sage (daughter)
Natalie Portman / Benjamin Millipied Actress / Choreographer Aleph (son)
David "Puck" Rainey / Betty Rainey Reality TV Star Bogart Che Peyote (son)
Rocco Kokopelli (son)
Ryan Reynolds / Blake Lively Actor / Actor James (daughter)
Ving Rhames / Deborah Reed Actor Reignbeau (daughter)
Freedom (son)
Gabrielle Reece / Laird Hamilton Volleyball Player and Model / Surfer Brody Jo (daughter)
Nicole Richie / Joel Madden TV Personality / Vocalist Harlow Winter Kate (daughter)
Sparrow James Midnight (son)
Robert Rodriguez / Elizabeth Avellan Director Rocket Valentin (son)
Racer Maximilliano (son)
Rebel Antonio (son)
Rogue (son)
Rhiannon (daughter)
Tony Romo / Candice Crawford Football Player / former Miss Missouri Hawkins Crawford (son)
Maya Rudolph / Paul Thomas Anderson Actress / Director Lucille (daughter)
Pearl Minnie (daughter)
Kyra Sedgwick / Kevin Bacon Actress / Actor Sosie Ruth (daughter)
Travis Sedg (son)
Olympia Scott-Richardson / Al Richardson Basketball Player BreAzia Ranee (daughter)
Shannyn Sossamon / Dallas Clayton Actress Audio Science (son)
Sylvester Stallone / Sasha Czack Actor / Actress Sage Moonblood (daughter)
Seargeoh (son)
Sylvester Stallone / Jennifer Flavin Actor Sophia Rose (daughter)
Sistine Rose (daughter)
Scarlet Rose (daughter)
Gwen Stefani / Gavin Rossdale Musician / Musician Kingston James McGregor (son)
Zuma Nesta Rock (son)
Apollo Bowie Flynn (son)
Channing Tatum / Jenna Dewan-Tatum Actor, Model, Dancer / Actor, Dancer Everly (daughter)
Roger Taylor / Dominique Beyrand Musician Felix Luther (son)
Rory (daughter)
Roger Taylor / Deborah Leng Musician Rufus Tiger (son)
Tiger Lily (daughter)
Lola Daisy (daughter)
Emma Thompson / Greg Wise Actress / Actor Gaia Romilly (daughter)
John Travolta / Kelly Preston Actor / Actress Benjamin (son)
Vince Vaughn / Kyla Weber Actor / Actress Locklyn Kyla (daughter)
Isaiah Washington / Jenisa Marie Washington Actor Isaiah Akin (son)
Thyme (son)
Iman (daughter)
Robert Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice) / Laura Giarritta Musician Dusti Raine (daughter)
Keelee Breeze (daughter)
Bruce Willis / Demi Moore Actor / Actress Rumer Glenn (daughter)
Scout Larue (daughter)
Tallulah Belle (daughter)
Owen Wilson / Jade Duell Actor Ford (son)
Owen Wilson / Caroline Lindqvist Actor / Personal Trainer Finn Lindqvist (son)
Kate Winslet / Ned Rocknroll Actress Bear Blaze (son)
Frank Zappa / Gail Zappa Musician Dweezil (son)
Ahmet Emuukha Rodan (son)
Moon Unit (daughter)
Diva Muffin daughter)
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