Marc Rich

Business Personality / Convict / Fugitive
Date Of Birth:
18 December 1934
Place Of Birth:
Antwerp, Belgium
Best Known As:
Fugitive pardoned by President Clinton

Businessman Marc Rich was convicted in U.S. federal court in 1983 of tax evasion, racketeering, and other charges related to Rich's oil deals with Iran during a U.S. embargo. Rich sought asylum in Switzerland. His ex-wife Denise Rich continued to live in the United States, where she was an active supporter of the Democratic Party and contributed money to the presidential library fund of Bill Clinton and to the 2000 Senate campaign of Hillary Clinton. Marc Rich was one of more than 100 people President Clinton pardoned just before leaving office in January of 2001. Rich's pardon prompted a public outcry and Congressional investigations into whether the pardon was given in return for Denise Rich's political contributions.

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