Pillsbury Doughboy

Animated Character / Corporate Icon
Date Of Birth:
Place Of Birth:
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Best Known As:
Star of Pillsbury TV commercials
The Doughboy first appeared in 1965 in advertisements for Pillsbury, makers of ready-to-cook baked goods. (The character's official name is Poppin' Fresh.) A small figure made of white dough and wearing a baker's cap, the Doughboy starred in a long-running series of TV ads which invariably ended with him being poked in the stomach and emitting his signature ticklish giggle. Like Betty Crocker, Poppin' Fresh was such a success that he lasted into the 21st century.
Extra Credit

According to the Pillsbury Corporation, the Doughboy is 8 3/4 inches tall, including his hat… The Doughboy was originally voiced by actor Paul Frees… “Doughboy” was a slang term for American soldiers during World War I.

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