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What kind of bow can't you tie?

What do you call a tropical bird in Alaska?

How does an ocean say hello?
It waves!

What says abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz, gulp?
You, when you're eating alphabet soup!

Five people stood under an umbrella, and none of them got wet. Why?
It wasn't raining!

What did the cowboy say when he walked into a bar?

They go around a room but don't move. What are they?

What do you call fish with no eyes?

What can run but not walk?
A faucet!

What happened when Batman and Robin got run over?
They became Flatman and Ribbon.

What kind of table has no top and no legs?
A multiplication table!

How do you get fur from a skunk?
Run fast and you'll soon be fur away!

What is produced only in Canada?

What kind of bow can't you tie?
A rainbow!

You can hold it, but you can't touch it. What is it?
A discussion!

Why does the traffic light turn red?
Because it has to change in front of people.

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