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(Encyclopedia)Beijing pē-kĭng, pā– [key], city and independent municipality (2021 est. pop. 20,897,000), ...

Beijing University

(Encyclopedia)Beijing University or Peking University, at Beijing, China; founded as Metropolitan Univ. 1898, renamed Peking Univ. 1911, absorbed nontechnical departments of Tsinghua Univ. and merged with and moved...


(Encyclopedia)Peiping: see Beijing.


(Encyclopedia)Beiping: see Beijing, China.


(Encyclopedia)Cambuluc: see Beijing, China.


(Encyclopedia)Peking: see Beijing, China.


(Encyclopedia)Baliqiao päˈlēˈkouˈ [key], village, Hebei prov., China, near Beijing. There, in 1860, a British and French force that had recently occupied Tianjin defeated a Chinese army and invaded Beijing. Ch...

Forbidden City

(Encyclopedia)Forbidden City: see Beijing and Chinese architecture. ...


(Encyclopedia)Zhangjiakou or Changkiakow both: jäng-jēä-kou [key], Mongolian Kalgan, city (1994 est. pop. 615,300), NW Hebei prov., China, near a gateway of the Great Wall and on the Beijing-Russia RR. A major t...

Opium Wars

(Encyclopedia)Opium Wars, 1839–42 and 1856–60, two wars between China and Western countries that marked the shift of wealth and power from East to West. The first was between Great Britain and China. Early in t...

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