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Jong, Erica

(Encyclopedia)Jong, Erica (Erica Mann Jong)jông, zhông [key], 1942–, American novelist and poet, b. New York City. She created a sensation with Fear of Flying (1973), a comic, picaresque novel of sex and psychi...

De Jong, Piet

(Encyclopedia)De Jong, Piet (Petrus Jozef Sietse De Jong)pt d yông; p´trüs y´zf st´s [key], 1915–2016, Dutch naval officer and political leader. Having entered the royal navy in 1931, he serv...

Kim Jong Eun

(Encyclopedia)Kim Jong Eun: see Kim Jong Un under Kim Il Sung.

Kim Jong Il

(Encyclopedia)Kim Jong Il: see under Kim Il Sung.

Kim Jong Un

(Encyclopedia)Kim Jong Un: see under Kim Il Sung.

Kim Il Sung

(Encyclopedia)Kim Il Sung km l soong [key], 1912–94, North Korean political leader, chief of state of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (1948–94); originally named Kim Sung Chu. While fighting Jap...


(Encyclopedia)Uijeongbu or Uijongbuoo´´jông´boo´ [key], city (1995 pop. 276,255), Gyeonggi (Kyonggi) prov., NW South Korea. Part of Seoul's fringe industrial region, Uijeongbu is an agricultural center w...

Kim Dae Jung

(Encyclopedia)Kim Dae Jung km d joong [key], 1924–2009, president (1998–2003) of South Korea. A native of South Jeolla prov., Kim was a long-time campaigner for increased democracy and a writer on interna...

Pompeo, Mike

(Encyclopedia)Pompeo, Mike (Michael Richard Pompeo), 1963–, U.S. politician and government official, b. Orange, Calif., grad. U.S. Military Academy, 1986, Harvard Law School, 1994. He served in the army as a cava...

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