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(Encyclopedia)Sioux or Dakota, confederation of Native North American tribes, the dominant group of the Hokan-Siouan linguistic stock, which is divided into several separate branches (see Native American languages)...

Little Sioux

(Encyclopedia)Little Sioux so͞o [key], river, 221 mi (356 km) long, rising in SW Minn. and flowing generally SW across NW Iowa to the Missouri River S of Sioux City. Flowing through a rich agricultural area in the...

Sioux City

(Encyclopedia)Sioux City, city (1990 pop. 80,505), seat of Woodbury co., NW Iowa, at the junction of the Big Sioux and Floyd rivers with the Missouri; inc. 1857. It is a shipping, wholesale trade, and industrial ce...

Sioux Falls

(Encyclopedia)Sioux Falls, city (1990 pop. 100,814), seat of Minnehaha co., SE S.Dak., on the Big Sioux River; settled 1856, inc. as a village 1877, as a city 1883. Settlers abandoned the site in 1862 because of Na...

Big Sioux

(Encyclopedia)Big Sioux so͞o [key], river, 420 mi (676 km) long, rising in NE S.Dak. and flowing S into the Missouri River. It passes through an agricultural region that produces corn, oats, hogs, and beef cattle....

Gall, Sioux war chief

(Encyclopedia)Gall gôl [key], c.1840–1894, war chief of the Sioux, b. South Dakota. He refused to accept the treaty of 1868 (by which he would have been confined to a reservation), joined Sitting Bull and other ...


(Encyclopedia)Lakota: see Sioux.


(Encyclopedia)Nakota: see Sioux.


(Encyclopedia)Dakota: see Sioux.

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