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(Encyclopedia)diamond, mineral, one of two crystalline forms of the element carbon (see allotropy), the hardest natural substance known, used as a gem and in industry. The discoveries of 1870–71 in South Africa...

Diamond, David

(Encyclopedia)Diamond, David, 1915–2005, American composer, b. Rochester, N.Y. Diamond was trained at the Cleveland Institute of Music and the Eastman School; he also studied with Roger Sessions in New York and N...

Diamond Head

(Encyclopedia)Diamond Head, peak, 761 ft (232 m) high, along the rim of an extinct volcano, SE Oahu island, Hawaii. A prominent point in the Honolulu skyline, Diamond Head was designated a national natural landmark...

Diamond, Peter Arthur

(Encyclopedia)Diamond, Peter Arthur, 1940–, American economist, b. New York City, Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1963. Diamond was a professor at the Univ. of California, Berkeley, from 1963 to 1966...

Brady, Diamond Jim

(Encyclopedia)Brady, Diamond Jim (James Buchanan Brady), 1856–1917, American financier and philanthropist, b. New York City. He was a bellboy and messenger and then worked for the New York Central RR in various c...

Diamond Necklace, Affair of the

(Encyclopedia)Diamond Necklace, Affair of the, scandal that took place at the court of King Louis XVI of France just before the French Revolution. An adventuress who called herself the comtesse de La Motte duped Ca...


(Encyclopedia)bort: see diamond.


(Encyclopedia)carbonado: see diamond.

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