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(Encyclopedia) Hades hā´dēz [key], in Greek and Roman religion and mythology. 1 The ruler of the underworld: see Pluto . 2 The world of the dead, ruled by Pluto and Persephone, located...


(Encyclopedia) Charon, in Greek mythology: see Hades .


(Encyclopedia) Acheron ăk´ərŏn [key]: see Hades .


(Encyclopedia) Cocytus kōsī´təs [key]: see Hades .


(Encyclopedia) Phlegethon flĕg´əthŏn [key]: see Hades .


(Encyclopedia) Lethe lē´thē [key], in Greek mythology, river of forgetfulness in Hades. The dead drank from Lethe upon their arrival in the underworld. ...


(Encyclopedia) Erebus ĕr´ĭbəs [key], in Greek religion and mythology, personification of darkness. According to Hesiod, Erebus sprang from Chaos and was the father of Day. His name was sometimes used for...


(Encyclopedia) Pirithoüs or Peirithoüs both: pīrĭth´ōəs [key], in Greek mythology, king of the Lapithae. He and Theseus swore an oath of eternal friendship. Together they went on the Cal...


(Encyclopedia) Pluto, in Greek religion and mythology, god of the underworld, son of Kronos and Rhea; also called Hades. After the fall of the Titans , Pluto and his brothers Zeus and Poseidon divided t...


(Encyclopedia) Cerberus sûr´bərəs [key], in Greek mythology, many-headed dog with a mane and a tail of snakes; offspring of Typhon and Echidna. He guarded the entrance of Hades. One of the 12 labors of H...

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