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(Encyclopedia)motorcycle, motor vehicle whose design is based on the bicycle. The German inventor Gottlieb Daimler is generally credited with building the first practical motorcycle in 1885. The motorcycle did not ...


(Encyclopedia)minibike: see motorcycle.


(Encyclopedia)moped: see motorcycle.


(Encyclopedia)scooter: see motorcycle.

Honda, Soichiro

(Encyclopedia)Honda, Soichiro, 1906–91, Japanese automobile executive. A mechanic and race car driver, he was a self-taught engineer. Honda founded a motorcycle company in the 1940s and began producing cars in th...


(Encyclopedia)Pardubice pärˈdo͝obĭtsĕ [key], Ger. Pardubitz, city (1991 pop. 94,636), N central Czech Republic, in Bohemia, on the Elbe River. Its chief economic activities are engineering, oil refining and su...


(Encyclopedia)Csepel chĕˈpĕl [key], island, c.100 sq mi (260 sq km), 30 mi (48 km) long, in the Danube, N central Hungary, just S of Budapest. In the northern section are the city and harbor of the same name, an...


(Encyclopedia)snowmobile, vehicle designed to travel over snow, ice, and similar surfaces that offer limited traction and weight-supporting capability. As the performance of the vehicle depends to a large extent on...

Fonda, Peter

(Encyclopedia)Fonda, Peter, 1939–2019, American actor. The son of Henry Fonda and brother of Jane Fonda, he made his screen debut in a forgettable 1963 feature. Several movies later he co-wrote and starred in the...

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