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(Encyclopedia)pen, pointed implement used in writing or drawing to apply ink or a similar colored fluid to any surface, such as paper. Various kinds of pens have been used since ancient times. Reeds that were slit ...

sea pen

(Encyclopedia)sea pen, long, slender colonial organism of the same phylum as the jellyfish. Sea pen colonies are formed by several genera of the order Pennatulacea. The colony consists of a stalk formed by an organ...


(Encyclopedia)Pen-ch'i: see Benxi, China.

Le Pen, Marine

(Encyclopedia)Le Pen, Marine (Marion Anne Perrine Le Pen) lə pĕn, pŏN [key], 1968–, French politician, daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen. A lawyer, she was in private practice (1992–98) before becoming head of ...

Yen Li-pen

(Encyclopedia)Yen Li-pen yŭn lē-bŭn [key], d. 673, Chinese painter, foremost master of the T'ang dynasty. He became the most celebrated court painter of the 7th cent. and held several high public offices. Althou...

pen-based computer

(Encyclopedia)pen-based computer, computer that uses software to enable it to accept handwriting or drawing as a form of input. A stylus, which may contain special electronic circuitry, may be used to write on the ...

Le Pen, Jean-Marie

(Encyclopedia)Le Pen, Jean-Marie zhŏnˌ-märēˈ lə pĕn, pŏN [key], 1928–, French politician. He graduated from law school, was elected (1956) a parliamentary deputy, and criticized President de Gaulle's Alge...


(Encyclopedia)Benxi or Pen-hsi both: bŭn-shē [key], city (1994 est. pop. 805,400), S Liaoning prov., China. It is an important heavy industrial center with rich iron and coal mines. Founded as a metallurgical cen...


(Encyclopedia)stylus: see pen.


(Encyclopedia)quill: see pen.

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