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(Encyclopedia) Gulf. For names of bodies of water beginning thus, see second part; e.g., for Gulf of Mexico, see Mexico, Gulf of.

Gulf Cooperation Council

(Encyclopedia) Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), officially Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, organization (est. 1981) promoting stability and economic cooperation among Persian Gulf…


(Encyclopedia) Gulfport, city (1990 pop. 40,775), seat of Harrison co., SE Miss., a port on Mississippi Sound, the Gulf of Mexico, in a resort area; inc. 1898. A port of entry, it receives large…

Gulf Stream

(Encyclopedia) Gulf Stream, warm ocean current of the N Atlantic Ocean, off E North America. It was first described (1513) by Spanish explorer Ponce de León. The Gulf Stream originates in the Gulf of…

Gulf War

(Encyclopedia) Gulf War: see Persian Gulf War; Iran-Iraq War.

Gulf War syndrome

(Encyclopedia) Gulf War syndrome, popular name for a variety of ailments experienced by veterans after the Persian Gulf War. Symptoms reported include nausea, cramps, rashes, short-term memory loss,…


(Encyclopedia) gulfweed: see seaweed; Phaeophyta.

Gulick, Luther Halsey

(Encyclopedia) Gulick, Luther Halsey gyoo´lk, 1865–1918, American pioneer in physical education, b. Honolulu, of American missionary parents. He studied at Oberlin College, Sargent School of…

Gulick, Luther Halsey

(Encyclopedia) Gulick, Luther Halsey, 1892–1992, American public administrator and educator, b. Osaka, Japan, grad. Oberlin College, 1914. He studied at the Training School for Public Service, New…