Wives and Children of the Presidents

Wives and Children of the Presidents

This table displays data about the spouses of U.S. Presidents, including the years of birth, death, and marriage, as well as the gender and number of children for each couple.

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PresidentWife's nameYear and place
of wife's birth
MarriedWife diedChildren1
WashingtonMartha Dandridge Custis1732, Va.17591802
John AdamsAbigail Smith1744, Mass.1764181832
Jefferson2Martha Wayles Skelton1748, Va.1772178215
MadisonDorothy “Dolley” Payne Todd1768, N.C.17941849
MonroeElizabeth “Eliza” Kortright1768, N.Y.178618302
J. Q. AdamsLouisa Catherine Johnson1775, England1797185231
JacksonRachel Donelson Robards1767, Va.17911828
Van BurenHannah Hoes1788, N.Y.180718194
W. H. HarrisonAnna Symmes1775, N.J.1795186464
TylerLetitia Christian1790, Va.1813184235
 Julia Gardiner1820, N.Y.1844188952
PolkSarah Childress1803, Tenn.18241891
TaylorMargaret Smith1788, Md.1810185215
FillmoreAbigail Powers1798, N.Y.1826185311
 Caroline Carmichael McIntosh1813, N.J.18581881
PierceJane Means Appleton1806, N.H.183418633
LincolnMary Todd1818, Ky.184218824
A. JohnsonEliza McCardle1810, Tenn.1827187632
GrantJulia Dent1826, Mo.1848190231
HayesLucy Ware Webb1831, Ohio1852188971
GarfieldLucretia Rudolph1832, Ohio1858191852
ArthurEllen Lewis Herndon1837, Va.1859188021
ClevelandFrances Folsom1864, N.Y.1886194723
B. HarrisonCaroline Lavinia Scott1832, Ohio1853189211
 Mary Scott Lord Dimmick1858, Pa.189619481
McKinleyIda Saxton1847, Ohio187119072
T. RooseveltAlice Hathaway Lee1861, Mass.188018841
 Edith Kermit Carow1861, Conn.1886194841
TaftHelen Herron1861, Ohio1886194321
WilsonEllen Louise Axson1860, Ga.188519143
 Edith Bolling Galt1872, Va.19151961
HardingFlorence Kling DeWolfe1860, Ohio18911924
CoolidgeGrace Anna Goodhue1879, Vt.190519572
HooverLou Henry1875, Iowa189919442
F. D. Roosevelt(Anna) Eleanor Roosevelt1884, N.Y.1905196251
TrumanBess Wallace1885, Mo.191919821
EisenhowerMamie Geneva Doud1896, Iowa191619792
KennedyJacqueline Lee Bouvier1929, N.Y.1953199421
L. B. JohnsonClaudia Alta “Lady Bird” Taylor1912, Tex.19342
NixonThelma Catherine “Pat” Ryan1912, Nev.194019932
FordElizabeth “Betty” Bloomer Warren1918, Ill.194831
CarterRosalynn Smith1928, Ga.194631
ReaganJane Wyman1914, Mo.19403141
 Nancy Davis1921, N.Y.195211
G.H.W. BushBarbara Pierce1925, N.Y.194542
ClintonHillary Rodham1947, Ill.19751
G. W. BushLaura Welch1946, Tex.19772
Barack ObamaMichelle LaVaughn Robinson1964, Illinois19922
1. Includes children who died in infancy.
2. Number of children listed here reflects only children Jefferson had with Martha Wayles Skelton. Scientists and historians agree, based on DNA evidence, that Jefferson may have fathered at least one child with slave Sally Hemings.
3. Divorced in 1948.
4. Adopted.
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