Sept. 11, 2001, Terrorist Attacks Against the U.S.

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Read about Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, the response to the tragedy, and more

Memorial Poetry

Memorial Poetry

 Death arrives among all that sound like a shoe with no foot in it, like a suit with no man in it, [More...]

Patriot Day

On December 18, 2001, Congress designated September 11 as "Patriot Day."

Revisiting September 11 After More than a Decade

Global War on Terrorism

Osama bin Laden

Biographies of Terrorists and Terrorist Organizations

The Events of September 11, 2001

  • Sept. 11, 2001: Timeline of Terrorism
    8:45 a.m.: American Airlines Flight 11, Boston to Los Angeles with 92 people onboard, crashes into the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City

Terrorism Around the World



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