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(Encyclopedia) Gubbio go?obby?, town (1991 pop. 30,792), in Umbria, central Italy. It is an agricultural and tourist center and has long been known for its ceramics. Originally an Umbrian town (?

Guchkov, Aleksandr Ivanovich

(Encyclopedia) Guchkov, Aleksandr Ivanovich ?ly?ksnd?r ?vn?v?ch go?ochkf, 1862?1936, Russian political leader. A prominent businessman, during the 1905 revolution he helped found the Octobrist?


(Encyclopedia) Gudbrandsdalen go?odbrndsdl??n, valley region of Oppland co., S central Norway. It extends c.100 mi (160 km) from the Dovrefjell southeastward to Lillehammer on Mjsa lake. A rich?


(Encyclopedia) Guden go?o??n?, river, 98 mi (158 km) long, E Jutland, Denmark. The only Danish river of importance, it flows generally north, traversing several lakes, past Silkeborg, then NE past?


(Encyclopedia) Gudgodah g?dg?d?, g?dg??, in the Bible, desert camping place of the Israelites: see Hor-hagidgad.

Gumundsson, Kristmann

(Encyclopedia) Gumundsson, Kristmann kr?stmn gv?mnsn, 1901?83, Icelandic novelist. Gumundsson lived in Norway from 1924 to 1937 and wrote in both Norwegian and Icelandic. His sensitive novels?


(Encyclopedia) Gudrun go?odro?on or Kudrunko?o?, in Germanic literature. 1 Heroine of the Icelandic epic, the Volsungasaga. 2 Heroine and title person of an anonymous Middle High German epic?

Gubriant, Jean Baptiste Budes, comte de

(Encyclopedia) Gubriant, Jean Baptiste Budes, comte de zhN bt?st bd kNt d? g?br?N, 1602?43, marshal of France and general in the Thirty Years War. He commanded the French auxiliaries of?

Guebuza, Armando Emlio

(Encyclopedia) Guebuza, Armando Emlio rmndo?o ?m?lyo?o g?bo?oz, 1943?, Mozambican business executive and politician, president of Mozambique (2005?15). A longtime supporter of the independence?