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(Encyclopedia) Guarda gwrd?, city (1991 pop. 18,215), capital of Guarda dist., N central Portugal, in Beira Alta. On the slopes of the Serra da Estrela, it is Portugal's highest city (c.3,400?

Guardi, Francesco

(Encyclopedia) Guardi, Francesco frnch?sk? gwrd?, 1712?93, Venetian landscape and architectural painter. A follower of Canaletto, he developed a freer style of great brilliance. Guardi's?

Guardia, Toms

(Encyclopedia) Guardia, Toms t?ms gwrd?, 1832?82, president of Costa Rica. An army general, he led a revolt that eventually placed him in control and enabled him to rule the country from 1870?

guardian and ward

(Encyclopedia) guardian and ward, in law. A guardian is someone who by appointment or by relationship has the care of a person or that person's property, or both. The protected individual, known?

Guare, John

(Encyclopedia) Guare, John gwr, 1938?, American playwright, b. New York City, B.A. Georgetown, 1960, M.F.A. Yale, 1963. Guare's freewheeling, satirical plays are the antithesis of kitchen sink?

Guareschi, Giovanni

(Encyclopedia) Guareschi, Giovanni j?vn? gwr?sk?, 1908?68, Italian journalist and novelist. Guareschi edited a humorous weekly before World War II and in 1945 helped to found the popular weekly?

Guarini, Guarino

(Encyclopedia) Guarini, Guarino gwr?n? gwr?n?, 1624?83, Italian architect, mathematician, and writer. He was one of the first to analyze with perceptivity the structure of medieval architecture,?

Guarino da Verona

(Encyclopedia) Guarino da Verona gwr?n? d v?rn, 1374??1460, Italian humanist, considered the greatest teacher of his time. Associated with several universities, he translated various Greek and?


(Encyclopedia) Guarneri gwrn?r? or Guarneriusgwrn?r??s, family of violinmakers of Cremona, Italy. The first craftsman of the family was Andrea Guarneri, c.1626?1698, a pupil of Niccol Amati. He?


(Encyclopedia) Guasave gwsv?, city (1990 pop. 49,338), Sinaloa state, W Mexico, on the Sinaloa River. The growing of cotton and corn and the raising of livestock are the chief occupations. The?