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(Encyclopedia) Guadalupe gw?lo?op?, city (1990 pop. 535,332), Nuevo Len state, NE Mexico, on the Santa Catalina River. Its economy is based on agriculture, especially corn, and livestock raising.


(Encyclopedia) Guadalupe gw?d?lo?op, Span. gw?lo?op?, town (1990 pop. 2,652), Cceres prov., W central Spain, in Extremadura. It is noted for its monastery (formerly Hieronymite, now Franciscan?

Guadalupe, Sierra de

(Encyclopedia) Guadalupe, Sierra de sy?rr ?? gw?lo?op?, mountain range, W Spain, in Extremadura, between the Tagus and Guadiana rivers. The highest elevation is 4,734 ft (1,443 m).

Guadalupe Hidalgo

(Encyclopedia) Guadalupe Hidalgo gw?lo?op? ?dlg?, w?, shrine, central Mexico, in the Federal District. The basilica of Guadalupe containing the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe (feast: Dec. 12)?

Guadalupe Hidalgo, Treaty of

(Encyclopedia) Guadalupe Hidalgo, Treaty of, 1848, peace treaty between the United States and Mexico that ended the Mexican War. Negotiations were carried on for the United States by Nicholas P.?

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

(Encyclopedia) Guadalupe Mountains National Park gwd?lo?op, 86,416 acres (34,998 hectares), W Tex. Located in the Guadalupe Mts., the park contains parts of the world's largest and most?

Guadalupe Victoria

(Encyclopedia) Guadalupe Victoria gw?lo?op? v?kt?ry, 1786??1843, Mexican general, first president of Mexico (1824?29), whose original name was Manuel Flix Fernndez. He joined (1811) the?

Guadarrama, Sierra de

(Encyclopedia) Guadarrama, Sierra de sy?rr ?? gw?rm, mountain range rising from the plateau of central Spain, N of Madrid, and extending c.120 mi (190 km) between the Tagus and Douro rivers.?


(Encyclopedia) Guadeloupe gwd?lo?op, overseas department and administrative region of France (2015 est. pop. 450,000), 687 sq mi (1,779 sq km), in the Leeward Islands, West Indies. The department?

Guadet, Marguerite lie

(Encyclopedia) Guadet, Marguerite lie mrg?r?t ?l? gd?, 1758?94, French revolutionary. A leader of the Girondists, he was outlawed (1793) for his attacks on Maximilien Robespierre and Jean Paul?