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(Encyclopedia) Guastalla gwstll, town (1991 pop. 13,354), Emilia-Romagna, N Italy, on the Po River. It is an agricultural and industrial center. Probably founded in the 7th cent., Guastalla was?


(Encyclopedia) Guatemala gwt?ml?, officially Republic of Guatemala, republic (2015 est. pop. 16,252,000), 42,042 sq mi (108,889 sq km), Central America. The country is bounded on the north and?


(Encyclopedia) Guatemala, city (1994 est. pop. 823,301), S central Guatemala, capital of the republic. Its full name is La Nueva Guatemala de la Asuncin. In a broad, fertile, highland valley, c.5,?


(Encyclopedia) Guatmoc or Guatemozn: see Cuauhtmoc.


(Encyclopedia) guava gwv?, small evergreen tree or shrub of the genus Psidium of the family Myrtaceae (myrtle family), native to tropical America and grown elsewhere for its ornamental flowers and?


(Encyclopedia) Guayama gwym, town (1990 pop. 41,588), SE Puerto Rico, founded 1736. It is a growing processing and distribution center for a region producing sugarcane, tobacco, coffee, and?


(Encyclopedia) Guayana, Venezuela: see Ciudad Guayana.


(Encyclopedia) Guayaquil gw?k?l, city (1990 pop. 1,508,444), capital of Guayas prov., W Ecuador, on the Guayas River near its mouth on the Gulf of Guayaquil, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. The?


(Encyclopedia) Guaymas gw?ms, city (1990 pop. 87,484), Sonora state, NW Mexico, on the bay of Guaymas. A port on the Gulf of California, it is also the outlet for Hermosillo. Guaymas stands on a?


(Encyclopedia) guayule w?yo?ol?, gw?, multibranched flowering evergreen shrub, Parthenium argentatum, native to the deserts of the SW United States and N Mexico. Growing to 3 ft (1 m) in height,?