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Buckley, William Frank, Jr.

(Encyclopedia) Buckley, William Frank, Jr., 1925–2008, American editor, author, and lecturer, b. New York City, grad. Yale, 1946. A popular, eloquent, and witty spokesman for the conservative point…


(Encyclopedia) buckminsterfullerene bkmnstrfool´rn, –foolrn´ or buckyball, C60, hollow cage carbon molecule named for R. Buckminster Fuller because of the resemblance of its molecular…

Bucknell University

(Encyclopedia) Bucknell University bknl´, at Lewisburg, Pa.; coeducational; founded 1846 as the Univ. of Lewisburg. Its present name was adopted in 1886. Bucknell has a college of arts and sciences…

Buckner, Simon Bolivar

(Encyclopedia) Buckner, Simon Bolivar, 1823–1914, Confederate general, b. Hart co., Ky., grad. West Point, 1844. In 1860, Buckner, a Louisville businessman, secured passage of a bill creating a large…


(Encyclopedia) Bucks: see Buckinghamshire.


(Encyclopedia) buckthorn, common name for some members of the Rhamnaceae, a family of woody shrubs, small trees, and climbing vines widely distributed throughout the world. The buckthorns (several…


(Encyclopedia) buckwheat, common name for certain members of the Polygonaceae, a family of herbs and shrubs found chiefly in north temperate areas and having a characteristic pungent juice containing…


(Encyclopedia) buckyball, colloquial term for buckminsterfullerene, a roughly spherical fullerene molecule consisting of 60 carbon atoms. Buckytube is a generic term for cylindrical fullerenes.


(Encyclopedia) bucolics: see pastoral.


(Encyclopedia) Bucureti: see Bucharest.