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Grünberg, Peter Andreas

(Encyclopedia) Grünberg, Peter Andreas pā´tər ändrā´äs grünbĕrk´ [key], 1939–2018 German physicist, b. Pilsen, Germany (now Plzeň, Czech Republic). After receiving his Ph.D. at the Darmstadt Un...


(Encyclopedia) Grünberg: see Zielona Góra , Poland.

Grundtvig, Nikolai Frederik Severin

(Encyclopedia) Grundtvig, Nikolai Frederik Severin nĭkōlī´ frĭᵺ´ərĭk sĕvərēn´ gro͝ont´vĭg [key], 1783–1872, Danish educator, minister, and writer, founder of the Danish folk high scho...

Grundy, Felix

(Encyclopedia) Grundy, Felix, 1777–1840, American political leader, b. Berkeley co., Va. After a successful career in Kentucky, he moved to Nashville, Tenn., where he became a noted criminal lawyer. A membe...

Grünewald, Mathias

(Encyclopedia) Grünewald, Mathias mätē´äs grün´əvält [key], c.1475–1528, German painter of religious subjects. His original name was Mathis Gothart Neithart. Although he assimilated various compos...


(Encyclopedia) grunion: see silversides .


(Encyclopedia) grunt, common name for members of the family Haemulidae, carnivorous fish of warm seas, most species of which are small and brightly colored. They are sound-producers, creating their noises by ...


(Encyclopedia) Grütli: see Rütli .

Gruyère, La

(Encyclopedia) Gruyère, La lä grüyĕr´ [key], district (1990 pop. 33,080) in Fribourg canton, W Switzerland. It is famous for its cattle and for Gruyère cheese. The population is largely French-speaking...