James Caan

Sid Caesar

Nicolas Cage

James Cagney

Dean Cain

Michael Caine

Zoe Caldwell

James Cameron

Julia Margaret Cameron

Bruce Campbell

Glen Campbell

Louise Campbell

Naomi Campbell

Neve Campbell

Jane Campion

John Candy

Dyan Cannon


Al Capp

Truman Capote

Frank Capra

Drew Carey

Mariah Carey

George Carlin

Art Carney

Leslie Caron

John Carpenter

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Tia Carrere

Jim Carrey

Diahann Carroll

Johnny Carson

Violet Carson

Betty Carter

Chris Carter

Adriana Caselotti

Johnny Cash

John Cassavetes

Joanna Cassidy

Phoebe Cates

Peter Cattaneo

Dick Cavett

Michael Chabon

Richard Chamberlain

Jackie Chan

John Chancellor

Raymond Chandler

Lon Chaney

Lan Samantha Chang

Carol Channing

Stockard Channing

Stephen Chao

Saul Chaplin

Tracy Chapman

Cyd Charisse

Ray Charles

Chevy Chase

Paddy Chayefsky

Doc Cheatham

Joan Chen


Julia Child

Margaret Cho

David Chokachi

Noam Chomsky

Deepak Chopra

Chow Yun-Fat

Helena Christensen

Dame Agatha Christie

Julie Christie

Matt Christopher

Chuck D

Sandra Cisneros

Patsy Cline

Connie Chung

Cibo Matto

Michael Cimino

Tom Clancy

Gordon Clapp

Eric Clapton

Mary Higgins Clark

Shirley Clarke

James Clavell

Jill Clayburgh

Les Claypool

John Cleese

Van Cliburn

Eleanor Clift

Montgomery Clift

George Clinton

George Clooney

Glenn Close

Kurt Cobain

Alan Cober

James Coburn

Joel Coen

George Michael Cohan

Leonard Cohen

Arthur Cohn

Nat “King” Cole

Paula Cole

Dabney Coleman

Billy Collins

Gail Collins

Joan Collins

John Coltrane

Chris Columbus

Shawn Colvin

Alex Comfort

Perry Como

Jennifer Connelly

Sean Connery

Harry Connick, Jr.

Pat Conroy

Bill Conti

Jackie Coogan

Alistair Cooke


Alice Cooper

David Copperfield

Billy Corgan

Roger Corman

Gregory Corso

Bill Cosby

Elvis Costello

Lou Costello

Kevin Costner

Counting Crows

Katie Couric

Courteney Cox-Arquette

Nikki Cox

Peter Coyote

The Cranberries

Wes Craven

Cindy Crawford

Joan Crawford


Richard Crenna

Michael Crichton

Walter Cronkite

Hume Cronyn

Bing Crosby

David Crosby

Scatman Crothers

Lindsay Crouse

Sheryl Crow

Cameron Crowe

Russell Crowe

Billy Crudup

Tom Cruise

Penélope Cruz

Billy Crystal

George Cukor

Macaulay Culkin

Merce Cunningham

Ann Curry

Jane Curtin

Jamie Lee Curtis

Tony Curtis

Joan Cusack

John Cusack

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