State Secretaries of State

Alabama Jim Bennett, R (to Jan. 2015)
Arizona Ken Bennett, R (to Jan. 2015)
Arkansas Mark Martin, R (to Jan. 2015)
California Debra Bowen, D (to Jan. 2015)
Colorado Scott Gessler, R (to Jan. 2015)
Connecticut Denise Merrill, D (to Jan. 2015)
Delaware Jeffrey Bullock, D (apptd. by governor)
Florida Kenneth Detzner, R (apptd. by governor)
Georgia Brian P. Kemp, R (to Jan. 2015)
Idaho Ben Ysursa, R (to Jan. 2015)
Illinois Jesse White, D (to Jan. 2015)
Indiana Connie Lawson, R (to Jan. 2015)
Iowa Matt Schultz, R (to Jan. 2015)
Kansas Kris Kobach, R (to Jan. 2015)
Kentucky Alison Lundergan Grimes, D (to Dec. 2015)
Louisiana Tom Schedler, R (to Jan. 2016)
Maine Matthew Dunlap, D (to Jan. 2017)
Maryland John McDonough, D (to Jan. 2015)
Massachusetts William F. Galvin, D (to Jan. 2015)
Michigan Ruth Johnson, R (to Jan. 2015)
Minnesota Mark Ritchie, D (to Jan. 2015)
Mississippi C. Delbert Hosemann Jr., R (to Jan. 2016)
Missouri Jason Kander, D (to Jan. 2017)
Montana Linda McCulloch, D (to Jan. 2017)
Nebraska John Gale, R (to Jan. 2015)
Nevada Ross Miller, D (to Jan. 2015)
New Hampshire William M. Gardner, D (to Dec. 2016)
New Jersey Kim Guadagno, R (to Jan. 2014)
New Mexico Dianna Duran, R (to Jan. 2015)
New York Cesar Perales, D (apptd. by governor)
North Carolina Elaine F. Marshall, D (to Jan. 2017)
North Dakota Alvin A. Jaeger, R (to Dec. 31, 2016)
Ohio Jon Husted, R (to Jan. 2015)
Oklahoma Larry Parman, R (to Jan. 2015)
Oregon Kate Brown, D (to Jan. 2016)
Pennsylvania Carol Aichele, R (at the pleasure of the governor)
Rhode Island A. Ralph Mollis, D (to Jan. 2015)
South Carolina Mark Hammond, R (to Jan. 2015)
South Dakota Jason Grant, R (to Jan. 2015)
Tennessee Tre Hargett, R (to Jan. 2014)
Texas John T. Steen, Jr., R (apptd. by governor)
Vermont Jim Condos, D (to Jan. 2017)
Virginia Janet Vestal Kelly, R (apptd. by governor)
Washington Kim Wyman, R (to Jan. 2017)
West Virginia Natalie Tennant, D (to Jan. 2017)
Wisconsin Douglas J. La Follette, D (to Jan. 2015)
Wyoming Max Maxfield, R (to Jan. 2015)

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