Closest Super Bowls of All Time: XXIII

Jennie Wood
1. XXV  2. XLVII  3. XLII  4. XXXIX  5. XXXVIII  6. XXXVI  7. V  8. XLVI  9. XLIII  10. XXIII  11. XIII  12. X

San Francisco 49ers defeat Cincinnati Bengals, 20-16, 1988 Season
Super Bowl XXIII Jerry Rice
Super Bowl XXIII is mostly remembered for the game-winning drive by the San Francisco 49ers. Quarterback Joe Montana led the offense 92 yards in less than three minutes. The 49ers won it on a touchdown pass from Montana to John Taylor with 34 seconds left. San Francisco wide receiver Jerry Rice (pictured above) won MVP, catching 11 passes for a Super Bowl record 215 yards, and one touchdown.
Photo source: AP Photo/Lennox McLendon

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