Closest Super Bowls of All Time: V

Jennie Wood
1. XXV  2. XLVII  3. XLII  4. XXXIX  5. XXXVIII  6. XXXVI  7. V  8. XLVI  9. XLIII  10. XXIII  11. XIII  12. X

Baltimore Colts defeat Dallas Cowboys, 16-13, 1970 Season
Super Bowl XXVI Patriots Adam Vinatieri
The first Super Bowl to be played after the AFL and NFL merged, Super Bowl V has often been called "Blunder Bowl" because of the number of turnovers (ll combined), penalties, bad calls and overall sloppy play. The Cowboys had 10 penalties, giving up 133 yards, a Super Bowl record. Starting Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas left the game injured in the second quarter and did not return. The Colts won the game by a field goal kicked in the final seconds by rookie Jim O'Brien. Super Bowl V was the only Super Bowl where the MVP was awarded to a member of the losing team. Chuck Howley (#54 picture above) was also the first non-quarterback to be named Super Bowl MVP. However, Howley refused to accept the award because his team had lost.
Photo source: AP Photo/stf

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